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May 26, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat zebra grass? When you require an excellent ground cover, you need to look out for these voracious eaters.

Deer eat grass, although it is not a preferred choice. Deer eat browse primarily, which includes forbs, vines, shoots, twigs, and leaves. They can eat grass if it is young, green, and succulent.

Grass currently makes about nine percent of the deer diet. But no one likes to find their entire lawn devoured by deer overnight. This creates an intense search for deer-resistant covers.

Luckily, deer do not eat all ground covers, creating an attractive list of deer-resistant grasses you can rely on.

However, you need to find them first, so one question you might ask is – do deer eat zebra grass?

Deer-resistant zebra grass

Deer do not eat Zebra grass (Miscanthus sinensis). This is one reason gardeners prefer this ground cover. It is also a popular choice for gardeners looking for plants with variegated leaves. In summer, you would especially love its creamy gold stripes against the deep green leaves. By fall, the golden coloration begins to spread and continues until the leaves become beige colored.

If you have pets, you may have concerns about toxicity. Luckily, zebra grass is perfectly safe for pets.

Furthermore, zebra grass is the right choice for low maintenance landscaping and can tolerate diverse soil conditions. All around, zebra grass helps you create a deer-resistant garden.

Do realize that no plant is entirely deer-proof. Therefore you may still require deer deterrent solutions if the deer pressure in your area is high. This is especially a problem when your zebra grass is in its early stages. At such times, you can consider using repellents to stop deer from grazing on it.

Companion plants

Zebra grass is best during the late summer and fall. So you may need companion plants that work best during the August- October period. You can try some companion plants, including tulips, poppies, hardy hibiscus, new England aster, daffodils, chrysanthemum flowers, etc.

Other Considerations

Zebra grass is an invasive plant. Therefore, it will take over other plants in the area. Secondly, zebra grass looks like porcupine grass, as they both sport horizontal stripes. However, zebra grass has an arching attribute, which those who like things neat and tidy would dislike. For others enamored with luxuriance, that arching habit may be seen as graceful. Aesthetics can determine your choice here.

Zebra plant is also difficult to grow and requires bright indirect sunlight or part shade. But, once it establishes, it is worth the effort.

Do deer eat zebra grass?

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat zebra grass? No, they don’t. Zebra grass is a deer-resistant grass making it a popular choice among homeowners. However, no grass is entirely deer-proof. So you should prepare for unexpected circumstances, where deer might graze on it.

Finally, always remember that zebra grass is invasive. If you also plan on adding other plants in your garden, zebra grass might push it off. So you should carefully select your companion plants.

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