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May 10, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat zoysia grass? When searching for a deer resistant ground cover, you might ask this question. In this article, we will talk about deer and zoysia grass.

Zoysia grass is marketed as a cure-all for homeowners. It is an excellent ground cover that requires almost no maintenance. Homeowners especially love them because they don’t have to pull weeds all the time. Zoysia is also drought-resistant and requires less water.

Plus, once it establishes, it makes a lovely dense turf. It also does well in hot or dry conditions. However, what about animals? No one would like to have a lawn that will be consistently grazed on by deer. Therefore, you might ask – do deer eat zoysia grasses?

Deer and zoysia grass

Deer do not eat zoysia grass. It is one of the best deer-resistant ground covers. This is because it gets firm and thick and is not especially liked for its tough nature by deer. You will also enjoy installing this type of grass cover in hard-to-cover spots, worn areas, and areas prone to erosion.

Besides the lower chances of deer eating it, zoysia grass also resists many other pests and insects. Therefore, you can look forward to the lower risks of exposing your pets and family to pesticides and weed killers.

Do note that no zoysia grass is entirely deer-proof. So, given the circumstances, deer can also feed on your zoysia grass. But it is nothing to worry about as zoysia grass is tough and can resist deer damage.

Other Considerations

There are other concerns you may want to consider. Some people don’t like the fact that come fall, as early as October, Zoysia grass turns golden brown and will remain that way all winter. This is unlike most cool-season grasses that can look good for about ten months of the year. Secondly, establishing zoysia is a tedious process. You will need to insert plugs and get rid of existing grass before you plant the plugs. Zoysia will also require the sun’s full blast, so it never works in shaded regions. If you have too many trees around your lawn, you may consider a different ground cover.

Finally, if you want to get rid of it, you require another tedious process and a non-selective herbicide. Zoysia grass is very invasive.

However, if you have no problems with these drawbacks (especially when you live in an area without much cold, zoysia grass is an excellent ground cover, it offers superior weed protection compared to other grasses.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat zoysia grass? No, it does not. Zoysia grass is deer resistant. It is also easy to maintain and requires little water. However, your location and tolerance might determine whether you want to cultivate this grass. If you live in warmer areas, you might enjoy installing this plant. In colder climates, it might be asking for trouble.

Nevertheless, zoysia is a very invasive grass. So if you plan on using portions of your lawn for other plants, be ready to have the zoysia grass completely take over your lawn. Deer friendly Plant List

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