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May 09, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat zucchini plants? While these majestic creatures are often a welcome sight, you don’t want them devouring your hard work to the ground. This article talks about zucchini plants and deer.

Zucchini plants are one of the easiest cubits to grow. They emerged from Italian agriculture but have inspired recipes in India, the US, Japan, and Turkey. However, cultivating your zucchini plants is about the location. They are not that picky, but they require organically-rich and fertile soil with aged compost or manure. You should also ensure they have sufficient space between them to avoid moisture-related pests and diseases. Ensure you are not cultivating your zucchini where you grew other cubits in the past to prevent soil-borne diseases.

Pests and diseases are especially dicey aspects to worry about when cultivating zucchini plants. Although they are easy to grow, certain pests and diseases can irreversibly ruin the harvest. Some of them include aphids, bugs, vine borers, trips, white pests, spider mites, cucumber beetles, cutworms, and leaf miners. However, what about the two-legged variety? Do deer eat zucchini plants?

Besides avoiding diseases, you also need to consider what pests to look out for. So one question you might ask is – do deer eat zucchini plants?

Deer and zucchini plants

Deer do not eat zucchini plants. They are deer-resistant vegetables, just like garlic, onions, leeks, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, and scallions. However, deer eat zucchini blossoms, so if your zucchinis have flowers, you need to protect them.

Consider using burlap to cover them and discourage deer from trying them out. You can also use deer repellents. They are your first line of defense. All you need to is ensure that they are designed for edibles. You should use sprays judiciously, especially after every rain or watering your plants.

We also recommend using two variants to keep deer out of your zucchini blossoms. Deer can become familiar with one variant if you stick with It for too long, so rotating repellent sprays prevents that from happening.

Another reliable way to keep deer away is by using a fence. Ensure the wall is about 8 feet tall, so deer will not jump over them. You can also install an electric fence; just ensure your local laws allow it.

A chicken cage is also excellent, especially if you want to secure only specific portions of your garden. This type of protector will stop deer and other animals without limiting pollination by bees.

Scare tactics, especially wind chimes, motion-activated sprinklers, blasts of noise, can keep deer away. However, you must change these sounds occasionally to keep them uncertain about your garden.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat zucchini plants? No, they don’t, except you have flowers at the end. In that case, you need to protect against deer and other animals. Deer repellents, motion-activated sprinklers, and fencing are some ways to stop deer from devouring your zucchinis. However, one method is never enough to deter deer.

Deer is highly resilient and can get used to many methods (except a high-fence) after some time.

Therefore, it is more diligent to double or triple your deer deterrent strategy.

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