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January 23, 2017 1 min read

Bed bugs may be carriers of diseases but they do not transmit them to their host. Some sources blame bed bugs for the spread of Brucellosis, Q-fever, leprosy and oriented sores but this statement is not well supported with evidence.

Nevertheless, the bites of bed bugs can result into infection if it is not taken care of and it comes with bleeding and inflammation. Most times the bite causes infection in children, aged ones, people with weak immune systems and bedridden people. There are people who might have experienced allergic reaction as a result of the bite especially if bitten so many times therefore they would require medical attention.

The major problem associated with bed bug bite is the psychological concern which causes sleeplessness and stress or the irritation brought about by the bite. The bites takes a day or more before it becomes visible and might never be seen in some cases and some persons do not react to the bite. Large wheals might be seen if the reaction is very severe. The wheal finally goes down after some time and becomes small red marks.

The bite of bed bugs can result to skin inflammation, swelling or itches. However one must know that some other sources other than bed bugs can cause skin irritations.

Go see a physician if you are experiencing unusual skin reaction or bites. Hire a pest control professional to help you get rid of bed bugs if your home has been infested.

Beg Bugs and Disease