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April 06, 2021 3 min read

Zinnias plants are great blooms to add to your garden, but do deer eat zinnias plants? This might be your concern if you wish to cultivate a deer-resistant garden. This article talks to you about deer and zinnias plants.

Zinnias plans are annual blooms that can grow into a burst of diverse colors making your garden even more attractive. Their rainbow of colors makes them excellent additions to your porch and entryways.

However, if you have deer in your region, you may be concerned about them eating through your beds of zinnias plants. It’s okay to feel that way. No one wants their energy; time and money go down the drain over a midnight deer buffet. So, you might ask – do deer eat zinnias plants?

Deer resistant zinnias plants

Deer do not eat zinnias plants, at least not when they are fully mature. Deer resistant annual flowers like zinnias have bristly leaf texture, which makes them nasty to deer. However, zinnias are classified as occasionally deer resistant, which means they can still make the least of deer favorites, given the circumstances. Having a high deer population without deer favorites may cause your zinnias to become their favorites.

Deer-resistant flowers

A garden of deer-resistant annuals can also help you keep deer away. You can also consider Heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens), Sunflower (Helianthus annuus), Elephant eats, ageratum (ageratum houstonianum), tall verbena (verbena bonariensis), gloriosa daisies (Rudbeckia hirta), Persian shield (strobilanthes), Shirley poppies (paper rhoeas). You can also add some cold season bloomers such as sweet alyssum, sweet William, and snapdragon.

Use repellents

You must understand that no deer-resistant plant is precisely that. Deer can eat all plants when hungry enough. To prevent them from doing so, use odor repellents. The right mixture will deter them from nibbling at your plants. However, you need to rotate between two repellent mixtures to maintain that deterrence.

Deer netting

You can use chicken wire cages or bird netting also to protect your zinnias plants. This is vital, especially in the early stages, when deer is more likely to eat them.


A sturdy fence can also keep the local deer population away. All you need to do is get the height and strength right. If you invest in a wire, wooden or electric fence, ensure it is as high as 8 to 10 feet. You can also create an invisible deer fence from fishing lines strung about 3 feet from the ground. This fishing line will cause a sort of glass, which will confuse and scare the deer away.

Scare tactics

You can also scare deer away by using random lights, noise, or water sprays. Concerning water sprays, make sure you use motion-activated sprinklers strategically placed, so you don’t over-water your zinnias. Also, rotate your scare tactics to keep them surprised.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat zinnias plants? No, deer do not eat zinnias plants as they are considered deer-resistant. However, deer can eat any plants if hungry enough. So, you need to further deer-proof your garden with repellent and scare devices. If you have other susceptible plants, consider installing a fence to keep deer out.

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