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April 05, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat zinnia flowers? If you want these gorgeous blooms in your garden and you have deer in your area, it’s okay to be concerned about them. This article talks about deer and their relationship with zinnia flowers.

Zinnia flowers are stunning blooms. They can develop into an explosion of every bright color imaginable that drives up the esthetics of your garden. Their blooms come in various flower shapes – from daises, spiders, dahlias, domes to stars, and lots more.

They can also withstand the summer heat and drought without supplemental watering, making it easy to cultivate and enjoy your lovely blooms. When you add them to your garden, be ready to have hummingbirds and butterflies, which means you can look forward to a sunny garden.

Plus, although bacterial and fungal spots, bacterial wilt, and powdery mildew may affect zinnias, careful garden practices can help you eliminate all these problems.

All these lovely attributes make them an excellent choice even for first-time flower growers. But then you may wonder about high deer pressure in your area. You might ask the question – do deer eat zinnia flowers?

Deer and Zinnia flowers

Fortunately, deer do not like zinnia flowers. They are, in reality, one of the best deer-resistant flowers you can add to your garden. Zinnias are also safe to cultivate around other animals, as they are non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. You can quickly grow these flowers with higher potentials of enjoying your blooms even in a high-deer population area.

However, do note that no flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs, or trees are entirely deer-proof. So there’s a good chance deer might nibble on it if they cannot find other favorite choices.

Nevertheless, some natives have attested to having their zinnias eaten by deer, mostly when young. Deer love young buds of almost every type of plant. We recommend using deer repellents to prevent them from nibbling on your zinnias.

You can purchase both odor and taste repellents, but odor repellents work best. Besides, you need two different variants of whichever you choose. Deer adapt easily to anything, so you need to keep them guessing. If you have other vulnerable flowers in your garden, consider adding a fence around it to keep deer out.

There are diverse kinds of fencing: electric fencing, wire fencing, wooden fencing, and creating an invisible barrier. Ensure your fencing is high enough (8 to 10 for wooden, wire, and electric fence). If you create an invisible barrier, string a fishing line around your garden, at least three inches above the ground.

Do deer eat zinnia flowers?

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat zinnia flowers? No, they don’t most of the time. However, deer can eat anything if hungry enough. Deer can eat zinnia flowers if they cannot find other palatable sources. They will also nibble on those flowers on occasion when scouting. To ensure deer do not cause damage to your treasured flowers, use deer deterrents like repellents to keep them out. Zinnia flowers are not top on their list of palatable foods, but they can still make their list of foods if the conditions are right. 

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Do deer eat zinnias?

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