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January 31, 2023 3 min read

In this article we will discuss 6 things you must know when using granular dog repellent for yard. What’s the best dog repellent for yard? There are tons of dog repellents in diverse shapes, forms, and sizes. However, granular dog repellents are one of the most commonly used deterrents. They are dog repellent in powdered or pellet form. But how do you make the best of this deterrent to achieve the best results? This guide will share with your insights on how to use a granular barrier to repel dogs. Click for product information and reviews…

How big is the space you want to cover?

Is it the entire yard you want to protect against dogs or just a portion of it? This question is vital. Granular repellents work best when placed on targeted areas, not the entire garden. The larger the area you want to cover, the greater the quantity of granular dog repellent you will apply. Generally, you can use 2 pounds of granular repellent per 150 square feet.

Always shake before application.

Like liquid sprays, granular repellents are subject to gravity. As a result, the elements in your deterrent may have sunk to the bottom of the can. Hence, you need to shake evenly before treating any surface.

Clean up before application

Dogs often mark familiar spots with their urine and poop. You must clean up before applying your repellent to avoid sending confusing signals. A good eco-friendly castile soap and water should be sufficient to hose down your lawn.

Storage helps maintain the effect of your repellent

How you store your granular dog repellent in your yard will equally determine how long your repellent will continue working. It’s recommended to always store it in its original container in a cool and dry area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. You should also protect your repellent from freezing or heat. Ideally, most granular repellents are better stored between 40OF and 90OF.

Make sure it’s for edibles

Always read the instructions to ensure that your repellent can be applied to edibles. Most repellents can’t be applied to edibles. It is often better to use liquid sprays, which can be soaked up with rags and secured on stakes to keep dogs away.

Consistency is important.

It is tricky to change the habits of unruly pets, especially dogs. Hence, you will require a consistent application and must maintain the concentration of deterrent to help them begin to get the message that the area is forbidden. One of the best things about granular repellent is that it is much easier to see when you need to re-apply. Often, when you can’t find the pellets or powdered substances, you likely need to apply them again.

Stop dogs from taking over your territory

What makes the best dog repellent for yard? The ideal solution should be non-toxic, eco-friendly, and fast-acting. Nature’s Mace Dog Mace is a fantastic dog repellent that brings all of these benefits and more. Dog Mace starts working immediately and is perfect for use outdoors and indoors. Dog Mace also lasts as long as four weeks and is superb for protecting your vulnerable plants all season long. Try Dog Mace today and reclaim your home and garden. Click for product information and reviews…

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