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October 07, 2022 3 min read

There are tons of dog digging repellent ideas with varying levels of effectiveness. It’s safe to say we don’t want our dogs digging up the yard. These holes are usually ugly and can transform our yard into a soggy mess. But how do you stop your furry friend from this unwanted behavior? We’ve considered the many suggestions and outlined the best that can stop your dog from digging. Click for Product Review…

Use a ground cover that’s hard on your dog

Dogs love digging in soft soil. So you can cover your yard in what they won’t like digging up, such as pebbles or rocks. A thick layer of crushed gravel or large wood chips will also produce excellent results. The secret here is to make the ground thick enough, so he won’t consider it fun to dig through the surface.

Consider prickly plants

Prickly plants will stop your dog from digging. However, you should only cultivate plants that won’t be toxic to your dogs. For instance, plants like holly or sago palms can harm dogs.

Get rid of rodents in your yard

Dogs may dig up the yard if they sniff animals like rats, mice, chipmunks, and the like. So you want to invest in repellents that would stop them from entering your home. Read More…

Use citrus fruit to deter dogs

You can make a citrus dog digging repellent spray or pour citrus peels around your yard to keep dogs away. The downside is that citrus peels may attract rodents.

Spray coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can deter dogs. But you must be cautious about using it as it can harm dogs.

Apply citronella essential oil

You can make your own anti-digging spray using generous drops of citronella essential oil in water to apply around your yard.

Use motion-activated sprinklers

Consider installing a motion-activated sprinkler in your yard that should release a burst of water each time your dog tries digging around your yard.

Apply vinegar

Vinegar has an intense smell that dogs dislike. You can soak rags with vinegar and place them around your yard. Be careful when using vinegar so it doesn’t get to your plants or grass as it can kill them.

Make a chili repellent

Dogs detest chili pepper because it irritates their nose. You can sprinkle chili pepper flakes around your yard. But don’t go crazy because it can burn your dog’s throat, nose, and mouth.

When all else fails…

Invest in a commercial dog digging repellent spray that would deter your dog from digging for good. These highly effective sprays may provide a long-lasting solution to your dog’s digging problem. When in doubt about the best dog digging deterrent, choose Nature’s Mace Dog Mace.

10 practical dog digging repellent tips that work

Dog Mace comes in ready-to-use spray repellent and granulated formulations for a convenient application around your yard, garden, and other problem areas. Nature’s Mace Dog Mace is a biodegradable spray containing plant-based extracts that won’t hurt your environment. Once applied, Dog Mace begins working instantly and can help you eliminate all unwanted dog behaviors. Ready to stop your dog from digging and making a mess of your yard? Try Dog Mace today. Click for Product Review…

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