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July 07, 2022 3 min read

6 best dog repellent scents to keep dogs away

Dogs are amazing pets and could be fun to have around. But you wouldn’t want your dogs to have their way around your home. This is why you might consider using dog repellent scents to keep them away from certain parts of your home.

Making the right choice of a dog repellent scent is challenging. A good number of scents that dogs dislike are actually harmful to them. Some scents are harmful in certain forms, while others are ineffective. It’s highly important to understand how each substance affects your dogs. That way you can choose the best dog repellent that is convenient, and safe. Product Review…

1.Mustard Oil

Dogs hate the smell and taste of mustard oil and will keep away from areas where it’s sprayed on. However, it’s highly important to be cautious about the amount of mustard you use, as it can be toxic to them as well.


Citronella is also a great dog repellent scent. But Citronella can also be toxic to dogs if you use them in candles or incense.


Dogs don’t care for peppers. The spicy flavor can make them so uncomfortable that they would avoid that area altogether. However, you need to be cautious about using peppers to keep dogs away. Too much of it can burn a dog’s throat and mouth as well as cause digestive issues.


Dogs don’t like the strong smell of citrus fruits making them a great way to deter dogs. However, it can be challenging to use citrus to deter dogs. Cutting up citrus fruits and peels to repel dogs may be successful, but it will attract other critters to your garden. Alternatively, you could use citrus essential oils but most essential oils designed for humans are toxic to dogs.

5.Eucalyptus and Lavender

Eucalyptus and Lavender are great scents that can repel dogs. However, their essential oils are quite toxic to dogs. The best solution would be cultivating their actual plants around your property. But a more convenient alternative is investing in scent-based dog repellents made with eucalyptus oils.

6.White vinegar

White vinegar is a really effective dog repellent, especially when combined with lime juice. But then you might need a lot of it to repel dogs from your outdoor space. You also want to avoid spraying vinegar on your plants as it would kill them.

The best way to use scent-based dog repellents

Typically, there are a good number of scents to repel dogs. But with the risk of poisoning your dogs, it’s often better to use a specially formulated dog repellent that has been texted to be effective without hurting dogs.

6 best dog repellent scents to keep dogs away

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