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October 08, 2022 3 min read

In this article we will discuss using citrus in a dog pee repellent spray. A dog pee repellent spray might be your desired solution against dog’s marking behavior. Whether you have furry friends or stray dog problems, you may have realized that they often transform lawns, furniture, and gardens into their hangout spots. And this hangout usually means, peeing, pooping and going about their “business” there.

The outcome is that they can make a mess of your home if left to their devices. If you are dealing with this unpleasant behavior, then you may consider the best dog pee repellent spray to stop them. You may have heard about creating a DIY citrus spray. But are citrus sprays effective? Here, we discuss the potential benefits (and downsides) of using citrus in an anti-dog pee spray. Click for Product Review…

Can citrus make an effective dog pee repellent spray?

The answer is Yes. Dogs strongly dislike citrus, making it the ideal ingredient for dog pee sprays. Plus, the soothing aroma of citrus may also uplift the ambiance in your home, giving you a refreshing scent to look towards while you fight off those unwanted behaviors; the citrus scent can help mask certain smells from dog poop and urine (although we recommend washing such areas before spraying).

Different ways to use citrus as dog pee repellent

There are tons of techniques for using citrus in a repellent spray. Here are some of the best ways to use citrus as a dog urine repellent. Read More…

1.Cinnamon-citrus spray

You can make a citrus spray by mixing equal parts of your favorite citrus essential oil and cinnamon. This combo is very powerful, but it also dissipates quickly.

2.Citrus water spray

You can also make a simple citrus water spray. Simply mix water with many drops of your favorite citrus essential oil, especially lime, lemon, or orange. If you can combine them, you will create a solution that does not require too many re-applications.

3.Vinegar-citrus spray

You can mix vinegar with several drops of citrus essential oils to make a spicy solution against dog pee. Alternatively, you could steep citrus peels in vinegar for about a day and still achieve the same results. Vinegar dissipates quickly, so you may have to reapply frequently. Vinegar is also volatile, so we never recommend spraying it downwind. You should never use this mixture directly on plants as it can kill them.

4.Citrus peels

Alternatively, you can also use citrus peels to repel dogs from places around your home. But the effect of these peels depends on the dog’s natural aversion to the scents. Still, you want to make sure the peels are out of reach for dogs due to its toxicity. Citrus peels may also attract other critters such as rodents and insects, making it an ineffective way to keep dogs away.

Be cautious when using citrus to repel dogs.

Citrus may work effectively, but it is also potentially dangerous to dogs and cats. Citrus can lead to digestive issues such as stomach upset and may cause skin irritation on pets. Citrus may also be intensely irritating to the nostrils of sensitive dogs. Therefore, it is important to be careful about using citrus. That said, no matter the repellent, you need to invest in positive reinforcement by equally training and providing alternative spots for your dog.

Enjoy the faster and fuss-free way to eliminate dogs

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Using Citrus in a dog pee repellent spray

Nature’s Mace Dog Mace combines plant-based ingredients that can help you stop dogs from peeing over your lawn, garden, or yard. Nature’s Mace Dog Mace pee repellent works by neutralizing the urine spray and creating a pungent odor barrier that would make dogs uncomfortable. It does not also place your dogs in harm’s way, giving you a convenient way to deal with the unpleasant situation. Click for Product Review…

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