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November 30, 2018 2 min read

Cats hate Citrus fruits with a passion, and their scents can be a major turn off for a cat. You can use this little secret to your aid by placing citrus scents in places where your cat usually causes havoc like your garden.

Items you need

Cats hate Citrus fruits like lime, lemon, and orange. Purchase orange oil or lemon oil from a food store. You will need a spray bottle to dilute the oil along with some grain alcohol to help with the dilution process

Homemade citrus oil

You can also make your own orange or lemon oil if you can’t purchase from the store.

  • You will require dried and ground up lemon or orange peels, a coffee filter, a two-piece lid mason jar, a small fabric a little bit wider than the mason jar lid, and a bowl.

  • Place the alcohol and peels in the mason jar and seal the jar thoroughly.

  • Keep the jar for three days and shake a couple of times in a day.

  • Pour the mixture after four days through a coffee filter into a bowl

  • Pour the filtered contents of the bowl back into the mason jar. Cover the jar with just the fabric cloth. After a couple of days, the alcohol will evaporate leaving the citrus oil behind.

Using the citrus spray

Spray places you would want to discourage the cats from going, like your garden, furniture or any other place. Monitor how these areas respond to the spray as some might be sensitive to the spray. You can dilute the mixture with water and shake thoroughly before applying to the specific spots.

Extra Tips

Apart from repelling cats, citrus oils are known to have other benefits around the house.

  • Orange oil can repel mosquitoes and kill insects such as termites

  • Orange and lemon oil can be utilized for housecleaning purposes.

  • You can make an inexpensive room freshener from lemon or orange oil. Just fill up a Manson jar halfway with baking soda and a few drops orange or lemon oil and then tie the jar with fabric


Orange oil along with dried orange peels are very flammable, so take extra caution and don’t expose them to open flames. When all else fails, Cat MACE cat repellent is the go-to for homeowners and professionals. This product will effectively repel cats from all areas when properly applied.

 Using a homemade citrus spray like a cat repellent