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December 01, 2018 2 min read

Deer repellent for commercial farm

Deer are one of the herbivores with a very large appetite. Their appetite is so large that they can eat up a large expanse of farming field whole in a very short time. In short, they always set their eyes on commercial farms where they are sure of eating to their fill.

If you own a commercial farm, accommodating a pesky set of intruders is the last thing you want to do. Unless you take proactive steps to keep these set of creatures at arm’s length, you might wake up someday to discover your entire investment is gone.

To prevent this mishap, adopt any of the following repellent tactics.

  1. Shooting

Though not permitted in some states in the United States, shooting – so long you can handle a gun – is to some extent effective at taking care of deer intrusion problem. However, the stringent rules that are attached to it makes it less desirable. For instance, in states like Massachusetts where deer shooting is permitted, only the farm owner or family member of the owner is permitted to wield a weapon.

Shooting deer right on spot may create additional problem – discarding them. So, be sure you know what you are doing before using this technique.

  1. Fear tactics

Deer aren’t as bold as they look. In fact, harmless objects like dangling CD plates strung together can make them quiver to their boot. Below are some of the common fear repelling tactics that work quite well.

  • Dogs: The presence of a dog on a large plantation sends a “do not trespass” signal to deer, leaving them with no choice but to look elsewhere. Do ensure that the dog isn’t fettered, else deer will eventually get to understand that an immobilized dog, no matter how intimidating, doesn’t pose a threat.
  • Scarecrow: Old fashioned, but still works. Scarecrows, as its name implies, scare away not just deer, but also other wildlife like rabbit. Scarecrows can be something as simple as a pole wrapped in a cloth material, or something a bit complex like a human statue. Either way, they both work. The key is to position the scarecrow at a strategic position where it can be easily sighted.
  • Motion actuated sprinklers: Sprinklers that shoot jets of water at high pressure on sensing motion are ideal for deer-proofing a commercial farmland. Any deer that trespasses will immediately scuttle for safety the instance it attacked with pressured water.
  1. Repellents

Repellents work by either irritating the nose of deer, or messing their taste buds up. If you have got the time and resources, you can prepare some right in the comfort of your home using readily available items like cayenne pepper, egg, garlic and lots more.

But if you can’t squeeze time out of your busy schedule to prepare some yourself, buying and using commercial repellents is the way to go.

Deer repellent for commercial farm

Of the several commercial repellents available in the market today, Deer and Rabbit MACE is the best. It is so effective that one application can run for last for up to 2 months or even more.