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December 04, 2018 2 min read

There are different types of cat repellents springing up every now and then with each promising to provide you with a useful option to repel your cats. Of the many kinds of cat repellents in the market today, one that is making significant strides is ultrasonic cat repellent devices. These devices acts are middle ground protection for your yard and garden. Although they are not wholly featured as the standard water devices, they are sometimes effective, and homeowners and gardeners may utilize them because they are a safe alternative to trapping or professional intervention.

Do Ultrasonic Cat Repellents Work?

Well, the good thing about Ultrasonic repellents is that they come in different varieties, each tailored for a specific animal. There are ultrasonic repellents for dogs and insects. As for ultrasonic cat repellents, well they do work, and they do an excellent job of keeping cats away from your yard. Because of the silent nature of their action (they work by emitting sounds only cats can hear but not humans), many homeowners are often skeptical if they work.

If you wake up to cat paws on your car or cat hairs and you are looking for a viable option to help keep all the annoying cats away, then you would be happy with the results that ultrasonic cat repellents give you.

There is a theory to how the ultrasonic cat repellents work. The device comes with a trigger that is activated by the movement of cats. It works in the same way a motion detector works. There is a small red LED light that goes off whenever the device is triggered, and then the high-pitched tone, barely audible to the human ear is given off.

Because of the size of the device, it might get damaged by water easily, and you might want to replace the 9v battery regularly, but for the price of the device, and the quality of work it does, getting an ultrasonic cat repellent is a no-brainier.

The best and most effective way of deterring stray and feral cats is the use of a professional cat repellent such as Cat MACE. This product is safe and an effective method of repelling unwanted stray cats. Used by professionals and homeowners nationwide.