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December 07, 2018 2 min read

Cats can be so calm, and quiet most times. They eat their tuna, sleep all through the day, and they lick themselves. What an easy life to live. But occasionally, cats can have moments when all they want to do is eat your potted plants. You can see them at times just playing with the plants and chewing on the leaves, this usually means your potted plants greatly suffers from damages. Don’t worry, there are ways you can cat-proof your houseplants and make them safe.

Keep them separated

The key is to separate your cat and the plants. You can create a system that would benefit both your plants and your cat. If your cat is an indoor cat, you can move your plants outside, or you can simply cover the soil of your potted plants with aluminum foil, small pines, rocks or decorative marbles to discourage your cat from playing with your plants. As an alternative option, you can hang your plants in the ceiling with hooks, and baskets to prevent your cat from being able to access it.

Use Repellent

There are certain scents and flavors that cats don’t just like in any way. Using one of these repellents in your houseplants can help keep your cats far away from them. There are some safe commercial repellents such as Cat MACE you can use as well as homemade repellents that can get the job done. Use citrus scents or sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the soil of your potted plants. You can place repellents on a plastic container close to the potted plants.

Provide Grass

Grasses can serve as an alternative to cats that have a craving for plants. You can plant a small patch of grass of wheat or oat using a rectangular planter. You can take the patch of grass to the potted plants as a way to distract the cat and giving it another alternative. You can take your kitty outside to play with grass that hasn’t been chemically treated.

Scare tactics

You can use a spray bottle containing cold water on your cat whenever he/she goes close to your potted plants. Do this continuously when he/she ventures close to your plants and with time, your cat won’t approach your plants again out of fear.


How to cat proof houseplants