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December 25, 2018 2 min read

Cats are a strong part of most neighborhoods. Whether it is your neighbors’ cats or a couple of stray cats, these feline creatures can be a burden to you. But don’t let their activities bother you, you can employ some humane cat deterrents can help curb their nuisance around your property.

Humane cat deterrents
  1. Ensure you properly cover your trash cans. You can even go as far as securing the lids with bungee cords.
  2. You can get a car cover for your car if the disturbing cats have been leaving paw prints on your car
  3. Sprinkle citrus peels, eucalyptus oil, vinegar, coffee grounds, and other natural cat repellents on areas where you don’t want a cat to venture into like your flower beds and garden.
  4. Plant herb rue along with your garden flowers to keep cats away. You can also sprinkle dried rue as well on your yard and over your garden
  5. Utilize plastic carpet runners that are a bit spiked up, to partially cover the soil in your flower beds, gardens, and yards
  6. Place chicken wire into the dirt in your garden
  7. Discourage digging by using lattice fencing materials over the soil
  8. Place pine cones, wooden chopsticks, or sticks with dulled tips into the ground. Ensure the tops of these items are exposed 8″ apart.
  9. Place large rocks and pebbles on flower beds to discourage cats from digging.
  10. Install motion activated water sprinkler or ultrasonic animal repellent
  11. Use plastic mats with spikes to discourage cats from digging in your garden.
  12. Block all entrances that cats use to gain access to your property with lattice or chicken wire. Do a thorough check to make sure no cat is trapped inside.
  13. Provide outdoor shelters far from any area the cat isn’t welcomed
  14. Create makeshift litter box with wood frames and sand, and place in specific areas to ensure the cats have a proper place to do their thing rather than your yard or that of your neighbor.
  15. Use vinegar or some natural enzyme products to get rid of cat urine smell
  16. There is also the option for you to get the cats spayed or neutered. Carrying out a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) can be very helpful to you and the cats

These Humane tactics can also work if you have a cat that you want to keep off from setting parts of your house and property.

Humane cat deterrents

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