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January 05, 2019 3 min read

If you need a homemade cat repellent solution, then your search is over as this guide will show you ways you can create your own indoor and outdoor cat repellents. The indoor cat repellents are tailored for indoor cats that are always causing harm to furniture, and venturing into restricted areas in your home, while the second part is aimed at repelling cats from your yard, garden, and plants.

Indoor cat repellents

  1. Mix water and apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ration (Note: you can use essential oils like lavender, and citronella, in place of vinegar. Mix water and oil in a 3:1). Whichever you choose will serve you as an effective cat repellent. Spray the homemade recipe in specified areas where you don’t want your cats to venture into. Please carry out a test on fabrics before you apply your homemade repellents. You wouldn’t want your recipe to stain or damage your furniture
  • Cover your furniture, countertops, carpets with sandpaper or aluminum foil. The surface of these materials is unpleasant for cats to walk on. You can also use a double-sided tape in place of the materials mentioned above. The paws of cats don’t tolerate any of these surfaces, and you can use them to train your cats to keep clear of some specific areas in your home.
  • Cats hate to get wet, and you can use this to your advantage. Simply use a water bottle to spray them whenever they venture into a restricted area. Continue to repeat the process, and with time, your cat won’t venture into any of the prohibited areas.

Outdoor cat repellents

  1. Prevention is always better than cure. So, you can employ preventive measures such as removing items that may attract cats over to your garden. You can remove bird feeders, and seal sandboxes with a secure lid
  2. Cats have a sensitive sense of smell; although this is part of their amazing attributes, it can be their Achilles heel at times. Cats are susceptible to scent-based repellents. Just like the method prescribed in indoor cat repellents, you can utilize the combination of peppermint oil and water in ration 1:3 to repel cats outdoors. Apply the repellents at least once a week for it to be effective.
  • Add strings to the top of your fence, can be a great way to prevent cats from entering your yard. Also, you can add oil to the top of your wire to act as a deterrent.
  • You can take your outdoor repellent strategy a step further by tying a disposable aluminum pan to a stick in your garden. When the wind blows, this will make an annoying sound that would fend off cats and other intruders.
  • You can use motion activated sprinklers as well. Although this doesn’t classify as a homemade remedy, it is still an effective method. These motion detectors can release a burst of water whenever an intruder walks past your garden. They are great for repelling cats and other animals like raccoons, skunk and so on.

Well done you’ve done a great job

You did a great job with all these homemade repellents, and you can smile knowing that you’ve been able to use a humane way to keep cats of your indoor space and your outdoor space as well. Well done and great job

Making a homemade cat repellent

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