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December 27, 2018 2 min read

No matter the setting, plants, and cats (generally pets) don’t go hand in hand. If you have a set of potted plants and cats living under the same roof, chances are the plants will suffer significantly from the paws and mouth of the cat. In the same way, there are also a couple of cats that can cause excessive damages to the cat’s health. We’ve made a list of some plants that are dangerous to cats.


It can be challenging to find any home without lily plants in them. These plants are beautiful, homely and they are quite graceful. But despite all their amazing qualities, they are the worst plants to have in the house if you have cats. The reason for this is that lilies are harmful to cats, and pets in general, according to a research done by the University of California. All lily species are a threat to your cat, so it is best you keep clear of any of them if you want your cats to survive your home.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for many unique characteristics and benefits to humans. The plant has longevity, that means it is able to live for a good number of years, and it also has certain medicinal benefits, as well as healing properties. On the other hand, the plant can be very toxic to cats, and when it is eaten by cats, it can lead to varying symptoms of digestive distress such as vomiting, urine discoloration, and diarrhea. If you observe that your cat has chewed your Aloe Vera plant, take your him/her to see your vet immediately.


There are some edibles that have adverse effects on cats. Edibles such as onions and garlic plants can make cats fall sick once they are consumed. It is best advised to ensure your cats don’t come in contact with any of these edibles.

Other flowers

Daffodil, Asparagus fern, and Chrysanthemum are just some of the most harmful ornamental plants that are injurious to cats. Before you go about planting any species of flower in your house, ask your vet if it can be detrimental to your cat. If your cat consumes any of the mentioned flowers, take him/her to see a vet immediately.

Trees and Large plants

There are some large species of woody plants that are toxic to cats. Some of these large species include Daphne, Poison Hemlock, and angel’s trumpet. There are also some yew species that are harmful to cats.