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January 17, 2019 2 min read

There is no need to panic on sighting a mole, neither should you let the pesky critters steal your peace of mind. In fact, moles have some benefits to offer. They can help get rid of all the grubs and unwanted insects feeding on the plants in your garden. But, there will be a time you just have to take drastic steps to get rid of them. Like when they start tunneling across the yard, and their tunnels can give a yard a messy look. That being said, here are home based remedies that are effective enough to keep away moles.

Use of Mole Bait

While chemical based mole baits may seem to work, the danger in using them is that they can harm the soil. So, it’s best to use home based solutions that neither harm the soil nor kill the moles. Preparing a home based solution is quite easy. Follow the steps below to prepare one

Mix one tablespoon of cayenne pepper with two table spoons of liquid detergent. Then add about a quarter cup of castor oil. Puree with a blender until you get a fine, well mashed solution. Ensure a little quantity of water is added before blending. Once done with blending, add the solution to a gallon of water and spray.

If there is a spray bottle handy, use it else just pour the solution on the affected area. Ensure the repellent solution gets deep into the tunnels of these moles. Also ensure that the solution is thoroughly – moles are smart, and have learnt to steer clear danger zones.

What the mole bait does, basically, is to make insects moles feed on undesirable, thus forcing the mole to move elsewhere.

Use Domestically Made Traps

Another solution to mole problem are traps. Homemade mole traps are just about effective as mole bait, or even more effective depending on your skill. Setting up a trap is pretty simple. Once you have noticed tunnels created by a mole, study it carefully to find the entry and exit points. Then, block off one of the points using a shovel. The mole will be forced to use the other exit point. Get a shovel and block this point too. Then get a bucket or basket and place it over the tunnel in an upside position, as the mole will have no choice but to dig up. Immediately scoop up the critter and put it away. Problem is solved!

If moles haven’t really been causing damages to your garden or yard, it’s best to just let them be. When you think about it, moles are helping rid your garden of grubs, so it sometimes makes sense to let them have their way. Also, their burrowing habit helps aerate the soil in your garden. Only take decisive action against them when their burrowing becomes destructive.

Home remedy mole repellent

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