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March 28, 2018 3 min read

Moles are friendly neighbors you would want to have around. They are critters that are meant to be repelled, and there are lots of effective repellents that can do the job. In this post, you will get to learn expert tips to keep moles away for good. Let’s get down to business!

Look out for signs of mole tunnels:Except in extreme cases, moles will never come to the surface. They live most part of their life in tunnels, and the best way to get to them is through their tunnels. Typically, moles build their tunnels in a haphazard manner, with the tunnels spanning 3 inches diameter wise. Also, they build what is known as molehills alongside their tunnel. The molehill has a cone-like shape, typically standing at a height of 2 to 8 inches.

If you notice signs of mole tunnels or mole hill, take the fight there. Make their tunnels inhabitable and they will forced to move elsewhere. Search for openings along their tunnels and plant repellents there. It’s that simple!

Use natural repellents:Like other burrowing critters, moles only inhabit areas where they are guaranteed to find food. If there is abundance of earthworms and grubs in your yard, it’s just a matter of time before moles come knocking. To this end, killing off these insects will help keep moles at bay. Repellents made of Castor oil are particularly effective at this job. Moles will never come near an insect soaked in castor oil no matter how hungry they are. Nature’s MACE All Natural Mole repellent, for instance, when applied to soil will coat the insects mole feed on with castor oil. Any daring mole that feeds on the castor oil coated insect will ultimately regret it.

Restoring a Lawn/Garden Destroyed by Moles

Moles when they visit a yard or garden will always leave it messed up. Restoring an affected yard will mean driving out the unwanted visitors and bringing back the plants they destroyed back to life. Not to worry, Nature’s Mace All Natural Mace for Mole and Vole can do both work at the same time. When applied to the soil, Nature Mace will coat insects moles feed on with castor oil. At the same time it will supply plants with the fertilizer they need to grow back. That’s a double win for you.

To apply the repellent, fill a spray can with the repellent and then apply uniformly across your yard. If it were to be Nature’s Mace repellent you used, reapplication only needs to be done 30 days later. Instead of wasting money and time on repellents, why don’t you go get Nature Mace repellents today!

How to apply Repellents

For any repellent to work, it is important that the direction of application be followed to the last letter, else your efforts will be a wasted one.

As an example, after applying castor-oil based repellent immediately water the ground on which the repellent was applied. That way the repellent will travel down into the soil to where grubs and earthworm live.

Additionally, the repellent should be reapplied frequently after a certain number of days. Doing this will prevent the repellent from losing its power.

How to Effectively Repel Moles

Additional repellent techniques

You will find moles in abundance in moist and lose soils which moles find easy to burrow, and grubs and earthworm are in abundance. Make the soil more compact, and you are halfway through winning the fight against moles.

To achieve this, use rollers to compact the soil. Fill in as much gravel as possible into loose soils. Minimize the amount of water you apply to the soil.