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March 24, 2018 2 min read

Deer Proofing a Garden

Has your farm or garden been turned to a snacking bar by deer? If so, know you aren’t the only one. Deer are known to be invasive creatures with an insatiable appetites.

Left unrestrained, deer can end the life of a garden faster than you can imagine. So, rather than whining or wishing them away, take proactive steps to keep them away for good by deploying some of the deer repellent tactics discussed below:

Do bear in mind, however, that certain factors influence the effectiveness of these tactics, some of which include: population of deer, season, and food availability.

  1. Deer repellent plants

To wade off this set of invasive creatures, your best line of defense would be surrounding your garden and farm with plants that makes their nose itchy and mouth soar. Talking about options, you have got lots of them: mint, chives, lavender, marigold etc.

As a rule, the thornier the plant is, the stronger it would be at repelling deer.

During times of acute food shortage, you might have to switch to another repellent tactics because deer when hungry will gnaw at anything that grows from the soil.

  1. Homemade repellent

There are several deer repellent you can prepare right now at the comfort of your home using cheap and readily available materials.

A solution of hot pepper spray is a powerful homemade repellent solution that has for years now been used by veteran gardeners to deer proof their real estate. Hot pepper solution not only soils the nose of deer but also ruins their taste buds.

Another homemade repellent solution which greatly discomfits is shredded garlic mixed with vinegar or even water. Humans can’t bear the smell of raw garlic, let alone deer. Adding vinegar creates a killer combo deer can’t even dare come near to.

Deer, like humans, with time get used to things they fear, and so to prevent this from happening, alternate the repellents you use as frequently as possible.

  1. Create a rough terrain

If deer are visiting your garden or yard frequently, chances are that they are doing so because the path leading up to your property is as smooth as silk. One easy way to solve this problem is by placing obstacles, in large numbers, on their path, making them jump and hop on end.

If this tactic doesn’t work, create an unleveled path that forces them to climb up and down intermittently. They hate it when they are forced to climb continuously, and will be left with no choice but to look elsewhere for food.

  1. Fencing

Fencing, though somewhat expensive, is the way to go if you wish to permanently put the problem of deer invasion forever behind you.

You can take things a bit farther by installing electric fence that shocks a trespasser with small jolts of electricity.

  1. Repellent Spray

When all said and done, using commercial resort might be your last resort in the battle of supremacy over your garden with deer. To avoid costly trial and error, use Deer and Rabbit Mace by Nature Mace – it works incredibly well.


 Deer Proofing a Garden or Yard