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October 10, 2022 3 min read

Getting rid of pack rats requires a tricky set of techniques. Pack rats are species notorious for their love for shiny things, which is why they can steal jewelry and even destroy car engines. These rats often find their way into the roofs and attics because they have excellent climbing skills. However, they can also burrow undergrounds on special occasions when they wish to expand their nests.

Pack rats can be identified by their enormous belly with a grayish or reddish brown nose, big ears and bushy tails. These rats also chew on anything to keep their teeth sharp, which damages car seats, hot tubs, irrigation tubs, cable wiring, air conditioning units and more. These rats also often urinate and can transform your home into a public restroom if left to their devices. If you suspect rat infestation, the steps below will help you eliminate pack rats. Click for Product Review…

Steps to getting rid of pack rats

1.Find their nesting spots

The first step is to make sure you know where these rats are. This helps you concentrate your deterrent where they are most active. Concentrate on searching around patios, attics, and garages. You may not find the pack rats, but you may see signs of their activity, such as: Read More…

  • Black fecal dropping
  • Shiny objects like spoons and jewelry
  • Crumbs of other materials, often packed away in nests
  • The awful smell of rat urine

2.Seal openings

The first step to eliminating pack rats is ensuring no openings around your home. Typically, any opening of about a quarter-inch needs to be sealed to keep out mice, although pack rats would actually fit into openings of about half an inch.

3.Sanitize your home

Now you have to clean your home thoroughly. A great way to ensure you get the rats out is to bring everything out of your home, including furniture and other storage items. Next, vacuum and deep-clean to eliminate the tiniest speck of food or nesting materials. All trash should be stored in tight containers. Outdoors, eliminate litter, debris and other possible nesting materials. If you keep seeds, pet foods or other potential “food sources” in your garage, make sure they are in tight metal containers.

4.Get rid of food sources.

Pack rats often look out for new foods and shiny new items, so you must ensure to store your supplies securely. Always check your pantries, garage and other places you store food to ensure there are no food materials left open.

5.Eliminate leaks

Leaks can become water sources for pack rats. So you must fix all leaks, especially near your home, around vents, water pimples, and drain spouts. Also, declutter regularly and eliminate possible “cozy” spots that rats would love.

6.Use traps if you can handle it effectively

You can use traps to capture pack rats. There are different types of traps, including poison-free solutions. However, traps require a lot of patience and vigilance. You should also ensure that the traps are about 5 to 10 feet (3.05 m) from each other so that you may need a minimum of 12 for most households. However, professionals better use traps and must be handled with care.

7.Use your windows accordingly.

Pack rats are excellent climbers who can find their way into your home through the doors and windows. You need to make sure they can shut adequately. If they don’t close well, you must repair them as quickly as possible.

8.Invest in rat repellents

Scent-based rat repellents create an uncomfortable odor around your environment that would stop rats from trying to nest or live in that area. Pack rats are highly susceptible to odors, which is why smells can keep them out of your home. You can use these scent-based repellents as one of your measures to eliminate rats from your home and stop them from returning.

The ultimate guide to getting rid of pack rats

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