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October 11, 2022 3 min read

In this article we will discuss facts about DIY bed bug spray. You might consider creating a bed bug spray at home if you suspect bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are nasty bloodsuckers that tend to travel from one home to the next at the speed of light. They aren’t attracted by clutter or dirt, so the cleanest homes can have bed bugs. Bed bugs are also known for populating quickly, so you must take steps to eliminate them from your house quickly. Click for Product Review…

The truth about DIY bed bug sprays

There are tons of DIY bed bug sprays you might find on the internet. But many of them do not work. For instance, dryer sheets, rubbing alcohol, kerosene, soap, petroleum jelly, or baby powder are ineffective against bed bugs. Sticky traps may also be ineffective at catching bed bugs. Still, they are great at catching other insects such as cockroaches and spiders. Read More…

What works against bed-bugs

Bed bugs are notorious evaders. So, you need a multi-pronged approach to treatment to eliminate them. Below are the steps to quickly eliminate bed bugs from your home. You may go through the treatment circle about two or three times to completely deal with the infestation.

Confirm and contain the spread

Search around your home for possible sightings of bed bugs. Determine where you have them and contain the spread by sealing off small hiding areas. You can use silicone caulk to seal all openings. It is better to treat your entire home, but containing is equally a critical step to stop that spread and manage the situation.

Protective covers

Get protective covers for your box springs and mattress. These covers ensure that bed bugs within the mattress won’t find their way out. It can also stop new bed bugs from entering your mattress.

Remove infested items

Now seal all items you feel that might have bed bugs in them. Some can be treated; others might be better discarded.


Vacuuming is a vital treatment measure to help reduce the bed bug population by over 50%. Ensure you use a vacuum with a strong HEPA filter and discard the debris outside your home and into an air-tight container.

Choose your non-chemical treatment.

There are three main beneficial non-chemical treatments you can use to treat your home and furniture successfully:

  • Heat treatment; Heat treatment is ideal for treating your clothes. In a hot, closed car, you can place your clothes in black plastic bags. Alternatively, you can launder those clothes at the highest possible temperature.
  • Cold treatment;certain materials can be frozen to help kill bed bugs. But you need a freezer you can set to 0oF. That said, most refrigerators at home won’t have that temperature. But if you can get one, you must freeze at that temperature for three days.
  • Steam cleaners;Steam cleaning is perfect for your entire home. Whether wet or dry, steam cleaning can get into the fabrics and cracks. Hence, this is ideal for treating bed frames, baseboards, carpets, etc. But the steam must be about 130oFand shouldn’t have a forceful airflow; the bugs may disperse.

Choose your chemical treatment

There are tons of pesticides that can kill bed bugs. The problem is that they expose you to toxic compounds. EPA even states that you should never use food-grade diatomaceous earth as it can be harmful when you breathe it in. A good solution is an organic bed bug contact spray that combines well with your multi-pronged bed bug deterrent strategy to bring an end to your bed bug woes.

Facts about DIY Bed bug spray

Nature’s Mace Bed Bug Killer spray is an ideal biodegradable solution that kills bed bugs instantly, helping you eliminate the infestation in no time. You’ll love that this bed bug spray offers a long-lasting residual effect and will continue killing the bugs long after your first application. Bed bugs are nasty but don’t have to become permanent and frustrating. If you face this terrible problem, try Nature’s Mace Bed Bug Killer Spray today for a safe, affordable, and practical way to eliminate bed bugs. Click for Product Review…

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