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October 13, 2022 3 min read

Are plants the best organic dog repellent? When searching for the best organic dog repellent, certain things might come to mind. Naturally, you want a safe, organic and non-toxic formula that is also easy to apply. If you already have a garden of delicate plants, you might be wondering if it were possible to make your yard less appealing to dogs by adding dog repelling plants. But do these plants really work? Click for Product Review…

What plants are considered dog repellents?

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, which is why we expect that there might be plants that can actually repel dogs. These plants should naturally be overpowering to their nostrils, thereby creating an odor barrier that would cause them to go elsewhere. Some typical dog repellent plants you can find include: Click to Read More…

  • Marigolds
  • Lavender
  • Curry plant
  • Rue
  • Pepper plants
  • Scaredy cat plant

Besides plants with pungent smells, it is equally possible to use plants that have thorny or prickly surfaces. A good example is cacti.

Are dog repellant plants effective?

There’s no doubt that dogs have a heightened sense of smell compared to humans, but the chances that these plants may repel dogs for a long time is minimal. When continuously exposed to these plants, there’s a good chance they might become familiar with them. However, there’s no harm in cultivating these plants. Ensure to have layers of diverse plants to maximize results. Thorny plants may work better if you don’t have curious dogs. Dogs don’t like to be poked with sharp pikes, and there’s a good chance they might become aggressive as they try to ‘overpower’ the prickly plant, resulting in injuries. Other plants that may be truly useful should work as obstacles to impede the dogs’ movement. Small holly shrubs, boxwoods, burning bushes, or pampas grass are great for blocking a dog’s path.

Other effective ways to repel dogs

There is no one way to completely repel dogs from your garden. It is often better to try various techniques to keep them out. Here are more ways you can stop dogs from visiting your garden:

  • Fences:Fences are one of the most effective. But it needs to be tall enough and correctly installed. Fencing may detract from the beauty of your garden and will require regular maintenance to keep up the deterrence.
  • Automated sprinklers:You can consider using sprinklers that would repel dogs by squirting out the water once it detects movement.
  • Animal urine:Animal urine is a convenient solution to repel dogs. You can consider coyote, skunk, fox or bear urine. But you shouldn’t use animal urine on edible plants.
  • Pepper:You can sprinkle pepper around your garden to keep dogs out. Be careful with it, as too much can cause harm to your pup.

Build dog-free zones with Nature’s Mace

Nature’s Mace dog repellent is a highly effective, fully organic, and eco-friendly dog repellent product. As one of the best organic dog repellents, it can safely and naturally repel dogs from anywhere it is applied. Made from all-natural plant-based aromatic oils, Nature’s Mace dog repellent can help repel and train dogs to avoid areas you want dog-free.

Are plants the best organic dog repellent

You can purchase Nature’s Mace dog repellent in granular, ready-to-use sprays and concentrates for your indoor and outdoor spaces. This formula is excellent for treating gardens, potted plants, trees, lawns, shrubs, and lawns. Try Nature’s Mace today and enjoy a robust barrier against dogs. Click for Product Review…

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