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October 14, 2022 3 min read

The 10 deer proof flowering shrubs will be the focus of this article. You might be interested in deer proof flowering shrubs for your lawn. We’ve put together a list of shrubs that can withstand deer feeding.

Most landscape shrubs are usually not a preferred food material for deer. But you must also know that deer might still munch on them if there’s nothing else. So there’s nothing truly ‘deer-proof’. That said, let’s look at the most resistant flowering shrubs. Click for Product Review…


Boxwood is broadleaf evergreens giving you that gorgeous greenery even in winter. They are ideal for hedges and don’t require too much maintenance. All you need do is prune them annually, and they can withstand part shade to full sun. Read More…


Andromeda is also a great evergreen deer-resistant shrub that offers a strong aroma and showy white, pink, or deep rose flower blooms you’ll love best in early spring. The scent from the flowers is so strong that deer would likely stay away. Andromeda is also low maintenance, only requiring some pruning.


Bluebeard, also called blue mist shrub, is drought tolerant and known for its blue, pink, or purple flower blooms. Butterflies and bees also love these flowers, but deer would stay away due to their aroma. It mainly blooms in late summer, but you may have to cut it back by about half during early spring to maintain its shape and flowering.

4.Russian Sage

Russian Sage is a drought-tolerant subshrub known for its gorgeous bluish flowers. This plant does not need much maintenance and will mostly spread through underground runners. Russian Sage does very well under the full glare of the sun.


Juniper varieties are also quite resistant to deer. This is because they have a strong odor that might distasteful to deer. Juniper varieties are also low maintenance, although you may have to prune to manage growth. If you are interested in a juniper for ground cover, blue rug juniper is a great choice. Pfitzer Chinese junipers can also be made into pom-poms. For a slow-growing rounded bush cover, blue star juniper is excellent.

6.Arrowwood Viburnum

Arrowwood viburnum is one of the best deer proof flowering shrubs. It is known for its reddish fall foliage and bluish berries (and white flowers) in spring. This shrub won’t require a lot of maintenance and can do well in full sun to part shade.


You’ll love the bright yellow blooms that shine brightly in early spring. These shrubs are best enjoyed as hedges, but you can add them to any section of your garden.

8.Beauty berry

Beautyberry is known for its stunning blooms in the autumn. The fascinating shrub comes with showstopping white flowers and purple or pink berries that are available throughout autumn.

9.Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is one shrub you can trust through the summer months. The newer varieties are also cold-hardy and offer lovely shades of blue or pale pink flowers.

10.Mugo Pine

For that charming evergreen and rustic aesthetic, the Mugo Pine stands out. Due to its great shape, it often makes an excellent accent or foundation planting.

What other ways can you keep deer from eating your plants?

As said earlier, there are no complete deer proof flowering shrubs. Therefore, it is wise to equally add other deer repellent methods to keep them at bay. You can try scare devices, predator urine, or putrescent repellents. One of the most effective is deer repellent. Make sure you mix up your deterrents because deer are pretty good at adapting. Also, look for obstacles that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. You don’t want toxins leaking into your garden.

A better way to keep deer out of the garden

One of the best deer repellents that would stop the deer population from taking over your garden is Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent. This repellent comes in granular pouches, liquid ready-to-use sprays, and concentrates. So you can pick from its forms and apply them as desired around your garden. Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent last almost twice as long as homemade repellents, offering more convenience in the long run. You’ll love how it’s made from 100% organically sourced ingredients and combines numerous active ingredients to keep deer guessing.

10 deer proof flowering shrubs

Get your Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent today, and look forward to maintaining an enchanting garden all season long. Click for Product Review…

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