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September 12, 2022 3 min read

How to make a DIY squirrel spray? Creating your own squirrel spray might be the first thing you consider if you have these annoying little critters running around your home and outdoors. Although they certainly look cute, squirrels can cause significant damage to your garden, home foundation, and everything in between. Product Review…

Squirrel sprays work by taking advantage of their powerful senses. Squirrels don’t like the smell of anything spicy, and pungent. Such things overwhelm their senses, and they often do anything to avoid being in such an environment. Still, how do you create your DIY squirrel spray?

Six ways to create a DIY squirrel repellent sprays

1.Apple cider vinegar spray

You can mix apple cider vinegar with its equivalent in water and a few drops of lemon-scented soap to create a squirrel spray for your plants and flowers. This spray won’t harm them, but you might need a lot of it and must re-apply concurrently to maintain deterrence.

2.Jalapeno squirrel repellent

Squirrels dislike Jalapeno pepper. So you can make an intense spray by mixing white vinegar and Jalapeno pepper. This pungent spray is excellent for the attic and basement but not for your plants and flower beds as it can kill them.

3.Fox urine

Fox urine smells awful. But because it’s the urine of their predators, it certainly works against squirrels. However, you wouldn’t want to use fox urine in frequent areas. It’s an excellent choice for your crawlspaces, attic, and basement.

4.Peppermint spray

The pungent smell of mint, especially peppermint and spearmint, can keep squirrels away. You can either cultivate mint around the edges of your garden or make a peppermint spray using peppermint essential oils.

5.Hot pepper spray

Hot pepper spray is also a great solution to your squirrel problem. You can make yours by mixing one bottle of tabasco or hot peppers with about a gallon of water. This creates an efficient spray for dealing with squirrels around the basement, attic, crawlspace, and your entire odors.

6.Egg-hot pepper spray

Pepper and water alone may have difficulty staying on the leaves of plants and tree barks. So you can mix your bottle of tabasco with an egg and a few squirts of lemon-scented liquid soap. You shouldn’t use too much soap to avoid killing your plants.

Invest in the most convenient and effective squirrel spray

Ready to repel squirrels fast and easy? Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace is the perfect choice to eliminate squirrels from your home without too many hassles. Made from pure plant botanical oils, Rodent Mace is the ideal people and pet-friendly rodent repellent. It is also available in two unique options – a liquid squirrel spray and a granular repellent that can be combined for maximum results.

How to make a DIY squirrel spray

Once applied, Rodent Mace stops squirrels almost instantaneously from chewing, gnawing, and digging without causing any harm to them. Simply spray every few days, and Rodent Mace will perfectly keep squirrels and other rodents out of your home, garden, lawn, and backyard. Get your own Rodent Mace today. Product Review…

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