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September 13, 2022 3 min read

How to stop deer from damaging your yard with deer repellent concentrate will be the focus of this article. You might be in the market for a deer repellent concentrate if you find tell-tale signs of deer activity. Often these signs don’t hide since deer are known for causing notable damage to vegetable gardens and landscapes. Unfortunately, there is no way to deer-proof your garden, but there are unique techniques you can use to stop deer from making a feast of your gardens. Product Review…

Why choose deer repellents?

Deer repellent products, especially spray, work by releasing scents and flavors that deer dislike. These scents may be as simple as a pungent and aromatic odor or may also take the form of their predators, such as coyote urine. Using deer repellent sprays helps you implement a robust odor barrier that keeps deer out. However, you should never use them alone. The right way to improve deer deterrence is through combinations of numerous deer deterring strategies.

Still, if you are in the market for a liquid repellent, you may come across two primary kinds – ready-to-use liquid repellents and repellent concentrates.

When do you need deer repellent concentrates?

Deer-off concentrates and ready-to-use formulations may typically contain the same formula, but they are not the same product. As expected, deer repellent concentrates are highly concentrated in the repellent’s acting agent, making them ideal for large areas. They also give you the benefit of buying your repellent in bulk. Concentrates also come in gallon containers. This is different from ready-to-use sprays that are known for their handy bottles. You will also need to dilute the concentrate before use, whereas you can apply ready-to-use deer repellent directly without mixing.

Tips for using a deer off concentrate

To ensure the effectiveness of your repellent concentrate, here are some tips to make the best of them

  • Avoid overly mixing your concentrate with water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing.
  • Only apply your repellent during a dry period. At the onset, you may need to repeat the process frequently (for example, weekly) to help establish a persistent odor barrier that drives off deer.
  • Apply liberally to all plants, primarily focusing on areas with high activity.
  • Always store your repellent product in its original container in a cool, dry area that pets and children can’t access. Ideally, you should store at 40 °F and 90 °F to avoid ruining the efficacy of your repellent concentrate.
  • Avoid applying your concentrate formulation at temperatures below 4ooF or during wet or windy conditions.
  • Strive to treat your plants at the beginning of each damage season and repeat with every new growth.

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How to stop deer from damaging your yard with deer repellent concentrate

How to stop deer from damaging your yard with deer repellent concentrate. Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate is a potent deer repellent concentrate that works through scent and taste, thereby stopping deer and rabbits in their tracks. You’ll love that it works for repelling deer from landscaped gardens, trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. This is a superb product that works against these pesky animal critters without harming them or your environment. Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate is a weather-resistant formula that offers practical and long-lasting protection against deer and rabbits. Product Review…

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