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March 08, 2023 3 min read

Of course, you must already know how much vacuuming is a part of every holistic bed bug treatment approach. But the timing is essential, which is why it’s a great thing to worry about when to vacuum after bed bug treatment. Click for product information…

Can I vacuum after bed bug treatment?

There is no direct answer. The reality is that it depends on the kind of bed bug treatment you use. If you used heat treatment to kill bed bugs, vacuuming immediately after the treatment is an excellent idea.

But what if you opted for a chemical or pesticide treatment? Chemical treatments rely on residual effects to kill off most of the bugs. So the pesticide would require time to do their job. If you use an exterminator, they will tell you how long it should take before you are allowed to vacuum your home. Alternatively, if you used a DIY bed bug treatment, you should wait at least 12 to 24 hours before vacuuming your home.

It is also ideal for vacuuming before any treatment. Vacuuming before your treatment helps cut down the population of bed bugs. Then after treating your home, you’ll have to vacuum again (at the appropriate time) to capture all the remaining dead bugs.

Other tips for using a vacuum cleaner to deal with bed bugs

Consider the type of vacuum cleaner you have for bed bugs. First off, ensure the suction is as strong as possible. You can also attach a crevice tool to your vacuum to help dislodge any bugs and their eggs that wedge themselves into openings.

A bagless vacuum cleaner is also a better option because you can empty it efficiently, reducing the chances of one nasty bug escaping. But you must also detach the container and wash it with hot soapy water to kill any remnant bugs and their eggs. You may also have to wash or replace the filter attached to the removable container. Avoid washing the electrical aspects of your vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner with a bag is also a great option, but you must throw away the bag each time you vacuum until your home is bug-free. That said, always empty your vacuum bag outside your home to avoid re-infesting your space with bugs.

After using the vacuum cleaner, you should also store it in a large, sturdy plastic bag. This ensures that any bugs cut somewhere within the bag won’t be able to get out. As an extra precaution, you should also store the vacuum cleaner in the garage.


So, to answer your question – can I vacuum after bed bug treatment? You may, but always allow the appropriate time required for your pesticides to work before vacuuming. You may also have to vacuum and treat your home repeatedly to achieve an infestation-free environment. If you are looking for a handy bed bug control formula, try Nature’s Mace bed bug killer. Made from naturally-derived substances, Nature’s Mace bed bug killer helps you achieve an infestation-free home in just a few treatments.

Vacuum after bed bug treatment

Nature’s Mace bed bug killer is also made with your safety in mind, so you can confidently look forward to taking back control of your home in no time. Click for product information…

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