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September 13, 2018 3 min read

Mosquito Barrier

Mosquito Barrier? Mosquitoes are an annoying set of pest one can’t afford to play around with. Give them a chance and they would infect you with a myriad of diseases. If you leave in an area where mosquito infestation is prevalent, wisdom demands you take proactive steps to protecting yourself and your love ones from these blood sucking insects. Click for product information…

There are many ways of making your home mosquito-proof, use of mosquito barrier is of course one of them. Before going any further, let’s take some time and talk about what mosquito barrier is all about.

What is mosquito barrier?

A barrier is literally an object that shields off a perimeter from a targeted intruder. The same goes for mosquito barrier, only this time the intruder as you would expect are mosquitoes. A well-designed mosquito barrier system mosquitoes, not even one infiltrate a protected perimeter. A mosquito barrier system consists of two elements:

  • A spray repellent with garlic being the major ingredient
  • A spraying system

Let’s have a closer look at both elements

The spray

As earlier mentioned, garlic, a natural element is the chief repellent used here. The repelling power of garlic comes from the sulfur it contains, and insect pests like mosquitoes, fleas, beetles find sulfur intolerable. Good enough, the smell of sulfur can linger for as long as a month though the human nose can only perceive it for a couple of minutes. Another good thing about garlic based spray is that it is perfectly safe around kids and constitutes no environmental hazard.

The spraying system

Since a garlic based repellent will do nothing left on its own, it has to be sprayed and this is where a spraying system comes in. A mosquito barrier spraying system comprises of three elements:

  • A nozzle
  • Network of pipes
  • A tank containing the repellent spray.

This system works by drawing repellent and then spraying it intermittently to kill off mosquitoes. By so doing, a wedge of protection would be created around the perimeter of your yard and any insect that dares trespass will meet its death instantly. However, mosquito barrier system only becomes effective when you have eliminated everything that will serve as an attractant; old tires, standing water, unused containers, bird bath and every other thing that can hold standing water.

How to set up a mosquito barrier system

Mosquito barrier system works on a pretty simple rule – the closer it is mosquito colonies, the better the results. So, before setting up the system, you must first seek out areas within your home where mosquitoes hang out a lot: beneath foliage leaves, culverts, gutters and drains – in short, mosquitoes love it in dark and wet areas. Next, determine which configuration would work best. Circular and rectangular configurations are the commonest. Better still, you could focus the entire system on a particular spot within your yard, probably an area where mosquito infestation is heaviest. If you need help with this, you can always call in a pest control expert.

With a little bit of planning, setting up a mosquito barrier system will effectively mosquito-proof your home. Click for more product information…

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