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December 18, 2020 2 min read

Do deer eat garlic? This is a question you might ask if you are looking for a way to keep deer out of your gardens. Or perhaps you want to cultivate a patch around your home and would love to keep deer out. Whichever is the case, In this article, we will talk about deer and their garlic munching habits.

We use garlic generously in a great number of healthy meals. However, the strong, pungent smells may deter some from planting them too close to their homes. Still, many gardeners dream of the best ways to repel deer, and garlic seems to be one popular method. Experts also agree that deer dislike strong, pungent scents, and garlic seems to be a great match. But the question remains – do deer eat garlic? Is garlic a great deer repellent?

As a natural deer repellent

Yes, garlic is a natural way to deter deer from your gardens. You can purchase them in bulbs and plants around your vegetable plants. Ensure you buy the organic variants. Once your garlic starts growing, you can replant whatever you don’t eat or let it seed so you can store it up for next spring. By planting around your vegetable garden, especially around the edges, you can enclose everything around with the powerful garlic odor.
Nonetheless, also bear in mind that you may not like the pungent smell of garlic around your home. Therefore, you should only cultivate them as hedges. It is also easy to replant garlic if it’s growing where you don’t want them.

Other deer-resistant plants

Consider using other deer-resistant plants for those who cannot tolerate the scent of garlic in droves around their home. These garden plants include Rosemary, peony, narcissus flower, sage, and lavender. Nevertheless, also note that these plants, alongside garlic, cannot prevent deer from entering your garden efficiently. There’s a good chance deer might still feed on them. This usually happens when the deer population in the area is very high, or they have limited access to their favorite snacks. We recommend that you install an electric fence around your property to complement your planting strategy. Noise marking devices like electronic alarms and propane cannons are also great additions. But they do not work well over time, as deer become familiar with them. A Traditional 8 feet fence that touches the ground is the most effective way to keep deer out. They are also very costly to install and may disrupt the natural landscape around your home.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat garlic? No, they don’t. This is why many gardeners use garlic as a natural deer deterrent. However, if you cannot tolerate the pungent scent of garlic around your home, plants like sage and lavender are also great. Still, plants alone cannot do all the work. When deer cannot find their everyday food choices, especially during the cold months, these undesirable plants become desirable. Overall, you still need to install a fence to keep them out completely.

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