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July 22, 2017 2 min read

You don’t need expensive –and sometimes ineffective –solutions to keep deer away from your farm for good. Growing certain types of plants and shrubs will conveniently do the job of repelling deer.

The good thing about this plants is that aside repelling deer, they also add beauty to your landscape and yard in an enthralling and captivating way.

Below are some of the plants that are fit for this job

  1. Bee Balm

This plant isn’t called a bee balm for nothing – it provides a place of nirvana to bees. Secondly, it adds beauty beyond description to any yard where it is grown. Most importantly, surrounding your real estate with this flower would create a repelling barrier deer can’t compromise. The least they would do is to come close but not pass through.

The best practice for growing bee balm is placing them in containers or flower jars, and then placing the jar or container at appropriate locations.

  1. Rosemary

The scent rosemary gives us is relieving and soothing to we humans, but repugnant to deer and other forms of wildlife. This plant thrives well when placed in a dry and shadowed spot. Like bee balm, the rosemary equally needs to be placed in jars and flower containers least it loses its repelling power.

Luckily, you can easily purchase this repellent plant from any gardener.

  1. Lavender

Talking about beauty and elegance, no flower on our list so far matches the lavender. The scent of this flower is so refreshing that some people use it for therapeutic purposes. In fact, lavender is a major ingredient used actively in the pharmaceutical industry.

To keep away deer from your prized possession, grow this flower around the perimeter of your property, and watch how deer traffic will drastically drop. Do ensure that the flower is tended to all round the season.

  1. Russian sage

This herb has everything you would want from a flower – it is beautiful, strong enough to repel uninvited wildlife and has the elegance of a super model. Additionally, the scent of Russian sage is barely affected by rainfall no matter how torrential it maybe.

You can either grow this herb along the perimeter of your property or amidst the plants in your garden.

  1. Golden Bamboo

Golden bamboo is actually a shrub not a flower. It is one of the deer resistant shrubs that have proven its worth. A couple of this shrubs is enough to deer-proof and expansive landscape.

  1. Spirea

Spirea is another deer-resistant shrub that is worth giving a shot at. You might have to exercise caution when handling this shrub because its scent may irritate you as much as it irritates deer.

  1. Deer and Rabbit Mace

Let’s face it; deer-resistant plants are sometimes ineffective at deterring deer from snacking in a garden or private yard. For this reason, it is needful to use them in combination with other repellent tactics.

Deer and Rabbit Mace, a repellent spray, when used on a yard or garden will effectively keep deer away for good.