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July 25, 2017 2 min read

Wild life are the farmer’s and gardener’s nightmare. Rabbits, raccoon, squirrel and deer all belong to this class of animals. Collectively, they cause massive destruction to the tune of millions of dollars every year. Given a chance, these pesky set of creatures will nibble and gnaw at flowers, vegetable fruits and even shoots and bark of trees.

Of all the animals listed here, none is as destructive as the deer, possibly because they possess the largest body mass in the group.

As a farmer, gardener or homeowner desirous of keeping his or her real estate safe from the reach of deer, it is imperative that you deploy one or several deer repellent tactics. However, some tactics are completely unsafe and hence should be avoided.

You best bet are organic deer repellent that pose zero threat both to you and the environment. Below are some of them

  1. Noise

The defense system of deer automatically kicks in once the critter hears a strange noise or sound. To capitalize on this fear of theirs, surround your garden with items that clank when swirled by breeze. Empty tins or CD plates strung together are typical examples.

Better yet, mount outdoor address system in your yard or farm and continually blast loud music with it.

  1. Predator urine

Deer use their nose for pretty much of everything. They use their nose to read tell-a-tale signs of the presence of a predator, and one of such signs is the presence of urine of animals like mountain lion and coyote, which they dread. Deer will immediately scuttle for safety once the nasal senses catches the smell of a predator’s urine even if the predator isn’t physically present.

Since the urine of animals will decompose and is free of harmful chemicals, we can safely say it is, well, safe.

  1. Homemade repellent

Deer are irritated by the smell and taste of certain types organic and naturally occurring items like garlic, pepper sauce, egg (rotten egg) etc. If you nose can stand it, you can conveniently prepare a homemade repellent solution with very little money. All it would take you is to mix these ingredients in water in the right proportion.

Do keep in mind, however, that this type of repellent will have to be reapplied frequently, else you would lose the batter against deer.

  1. Blood meal

Put simply, blood meal is nothing more than the blood of an animal that has caked after being exposed to the elements over a long time.

The smell of caked blood is so strong that it can make a fully grown man lose orientation. Plant them in sufficient quantity within your yard of garden, and deer will have no choice but to turn elsewhere to snack.

  1. Commercial repellent

While it is true that some brands of commercial repellent are made using harmful chemicals, a good number are entirely made of organic ingredients, and yet effective. Deer and Rabbit MACE, a commercial spray by Nature Mace fits this category, in that it is made using 100% organic ingredients. This product is the best organic deer repellent on the marker.

Organic deer repellent