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July 18, 2018 2 min read

Deer Repellent Flowers

Deer are notorious for feeding on certain plants – and flowers too. Having deer pull out and damage those beautiful roses in your garden can be devastating.

Deer cannot say not to narrow-leaf evergreen plants such as arborvitae fir, English ivy, hostas, and day lilies. But studies have shown that deer cannot stand certain plants such as:

  • Prickly plants. Deer do not feed on plants that have thorns in them such as lamb’s ear and would stay very far from even other plants around them.
  • Plants with very strong scents: deer are not fans of plants that have strong scents such as sages, lavender and ornamental salvias. Flowers like bearded iris and peonies can be termed deer repellent flowers because they are very stinking to deer.
  • Some perennial: perennials such as Dicentra spectabilis (known as bleeding hearts) maybe attractive to humans, but does the exact opposite to deer.
  • Poisonous plants: just like humans, deer have the tendency to stay clear from poisonous plants such as daffodils, poppies and foxgloves.

The following deer repellent flowers are effective in keeping deer away from your garden. They include but are not limited to Daffodils, peonies, foxgloves, poppies, bearded iris, Pot Marigold, Lily of the valley, purple coneflower, strawflower, basil, buttercup, fragrant sumac, common tansy, blue fescue, and heliotrope.

Since deer can feed even next to any of the above flowers when they are really hungry, certain steps have to be taken to ensure deer do not feed amidst these flowers.

To fully harness the repelling property of any of the above flowers, try to plant them around the ones deer prefer to eat. This serves as a form of protection for your precious plants. For every two or three feet around your deer-loving crop or veggie, ensure there is at least one deer-repelling flower – especially the heavily scented ones like lavender. You can even plant these scented deer repellent flowers at the entrance of your garden, home or farm to keep them from taking note of your special crops.

To keep deer away from your environment, you can plant these deer repellent flowers around your home to stop deer from causing havoc on your property.

If these deer repellent flowers are out of your reach or if they cannot thrive in your location, you can convert your normal, deer-loving flowers into deer repellent flowers by employing the powerful repelling strength of Nature’s Deer MACE on them.

A lot of problems come with the use of industrial deer repellents on plants, especially plants like flowers that are frequently handled. But Deer MACE does not come with any such problems. To begin with, it is manufactured with Eco-friendly ingredients that would not harm your flowers, pets and even you but are very much capable of keeping those beautiful beasts away from your lovely flowers.

Deer Repellent Flowers

Deer MACE employs scent fear and taste based technology in repelling deer from your flowers so you don’t have to worry about their creating an initial damage on your little sweethearts.