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September 21, 2017 2 min read

Deer MACE Repellent

Deer MACE repellentAre you tired of waking every morning to see your precious garden plants eaten to their roots by deer? Maybe you have tried all tactics in the book, but all you get is abysmal results. Well, guess what? Your trouble is about to meet its end – in comes Deer Mace Repellent

As the name implies, Deer Mace is a repelling solution that works effectively against deer. Its USP (unique selling point) it the fact that it is completely composed of 100% organic ingredients, making it perfectly safe for use on farms and garden.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of deer mace, let’s consider some other organic options for making a garden deer-proof.

  1. Repellent plants

Not all plants fit the palate of deer. In fact, some plants are so foul smelling that the scent they give off can be picked by deer miles away. Typical examples of these plants include:

Catnip, Mint, catnip, lavender, black-eyed Susan, fountain grass, thyme, rosemary yarrow, viola and a host of others. Aside plants, certain shrubs and trees also do the work of a repellent. They include: Smoke tree, holly, potentilla, yucca etc.

Deer are highly adaptable, so the best way of beating them at their game is alternating these plants instead of using them all at a time.

  1. Shreds of soap

Soaps like Irish spring give off scents deer find not just offensive but irritating. Soaps can be used in two ways to keep away deer. One is to shred them up and then spread the shreds at the base of the plants in your garden. The second technique is to hang bars of repelling soap at strategic points where their effect would be strongest. Either way, ensure the soap is replaced as frequently as possible, particularly after a torrential rainfall.

Benefits of using deer mace repellent

Made using entirely natural ingredient, deer mace repellent is the way to go if you are looking for something strong enough to keep away deer, and at the same time gentle enough not to harm the environment it is being used.

The active ingredients contained in the repellent solution are:

  • Garlic
  • Egg
  • Mint oil
  • White pepper
  • Water

As you can see, no synthetic ingredient was mentioned here.

Unlike other brands of repellent that lose their power after a short while, deer mace repellent can last up to 2 months no matter the number of times it is beaten by the rain, thus saving you substantial amount of money.

Deer Mace is trusted by thousands of gardeners and farmers across the United States. They have for years being using this repelling solution to keep their real estate safe from pesky wild like deer.

So, if you are serious about fending deer off your property, invest in Deer Mace – you will never for one day have any regret for doing so.