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December 21, 2020 3 min read

Do deer eat grapes? A deer will eat almost any plant in his path, and for grape growers, this can be disheartening. In this article, we will talk about deer and their love for grapes. We will also discuss some of the best ways to keep deer out of your vineyard.

Deer damage is a terrible event. You can immediately identify it by the trampled plants, crushed fruits, and ragged, broken ends of browsed branches. You can also effectively figure out if deer have gone through your vineyard by the height of the damage in a vineyard. If most damages happen about 5 to 6 ft high, then deer might be the culprit. Therefore, considering deer proofing methods is an excellent decision.

Deer and Grapes: The love affair

However, we must first answer the question – do deer eat grapes? Sadly, deer love grapes. They will eat both grapes and the vines they do. They can be a great problem, especially when you have young vines or ripe fruits. Deer particularly love young shoots from almost any plant, especially when freshly fertilized. If you have deer in your location, the most diligent route to keep them out of your vineyard is by protecting your property. To help you, here are the five most common ways to deter deer from your vineyard.

Install an Electric Fence

Most growers prefer the electric fence over the traditional fencing method because it does not disrupt the land’s esthetics. However, if you must use this method, consider making sure they don’t return to your fence. You really don’t want them getting electrified indefinitely. Here’s what you should do: After installing your electric fence, create bait using their favorite meals to attract deer to the fence. Many folks also use peanut butter to attract deer. When they try to eat the bait, they will receive a shock from the fence and stay away from the area in the future.

Traditional Fencing

Traditional fencing is also a great way to keep deer out of your vineyard. However, they are expensive to install, especially if you consider that you need a fence about 8 feet high. Deer can go over a 6 feet fence, making them ineffective. You can also consider using wire mesh fencing, but both options will detract from the natural beauty of your fields.

Deer repellents

You can also consider using deer repellents to discourage deer from feeding on your grapes. These repellants deflect either by tasting or smelling bad. You can mix your repellents or purchase formulas. However, do ensure you are using at least two different repellents alternatively to keep deer from becoming used to their taste or smell. Also, note that repellents may not stop deer from actually biting a few bits from your fields. Use them as a complementary measure to other deer deterrent methods above.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat grapes? Yes, they do. Like fruits, grasses, shoots, and woody plants, grapes make a favorite mealtime. If allowed, deer can cause significant damage to your vineyards. Therefore, you must consider keeping them out using deer deterrent methods. Nonetheless, always remember there is no one way to keep them out completely. The only effective way is a combination of tactics alongside patience and diligence.

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