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April 28, 2022 3 min read

How do you get rid of stray cats in the yard? This guide will help you eliminate cats from your yard and the entire environment.

Cats might seem to be amazing creatures for some people. But, having stray cats around your yard can be very disturbing. If stray cats find your yard to be conducive for them, they might begin to reside, look for food, and even breed there. But having stray and feral cats in your yard is dangerous. They can cause severe damage to your plants. Stray cats would sleep in pots, dig up your plants, scratch your walls, possibly kill birds, and even ruin the entire beauty of your yard. Their territorial nature would make them mark your yard with their urine. They will also spread parasites and pathogens through their feces. They can also produce loud noises when on heat, which can ruin your night sleep.

So, the best step is getting them out of your yard. Here are humane, legal and effective ways to get rid of stray cats in the yard.

How to get rid of stray cats in the yard

1.Get rid of the shelter

Every animal needs shelter, and cats are not left out. Stray cats would look for somewhere comfortable in your yard to stay. So ensure to cover every hole in old sheds or garages, clear woodpiles or window wells, and other areas that potentially shelter stray cats.

2.Get rid of temptation

When cats are in heat, they can be restless, and look for the nearest or most available cat to mate with. So, if you have a male or female cat on heat make sure it doesn’t come outside. So that it doesn’t invite stray cats into your yard. You can also consider having your female cats spayed to minimize attracting strays as well.

3.Cultivate plants they don’t like

Cats dislike strong smells. You can use this to your advantage, by planting plants that cats don’t like in the yard. Some of such plants are lavender, lemon thyme, rue, absinthe, pennyroyal, geranium, and some others. Use such plants to get rid of stray cats in the yard.

4.Take away comfort from your yard

Cats generally love to enjoy and relax, so if stray cats enter your yard, they will look for those cozy areas to chill. You must get rid of such areas. For instance, you can fill flower beds and other areas cats may like with sharp pebbles, a layer of chicken wire, or even eggshell shards to discourage them from having their way with your yard.

5.Eliminate food sources

Stray cats would always come to places that have abundant food supplies. So, you have to stop feeding your pets outside, and always properly cover up the trash can. Barbecue pits and grills should always be kept clean to avoid attracting stray cats. If stray cats see no food in the yard, they will stop coming around.

6.Apply commercial repellent

Since cats have a very strong sense of smell and taste, another great way to get rid of them from your yard is to use commercial repellents. These repellents don’t kill stray cats, but will only discourage them from coming to your yard. All you need to do is select between cat repellent sprays and granules for use around your entire perimeter. You may have to re-apply the repellent after a heavy rainfall or after you must have watered your yard.

The dangers stray cats can cause in your yard cannot be overemphasized. Hence, these steps to get rid of stray cats in the yard are important. However, when using commercial repellents you need to carefully scrutinize the product. It’s highly important that your repellent choice only discourages unwanted cats without causing them harm. Toxic or poisonous substances pose a danger not just to these cats, but pets and even children. Choosing non-toxic cat repellents also guarantees you can protect your plants and the environment as well.

6 best ways to get rid of stray cats in the yard

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Best way to keep stray cats out of your yard

Keep stray cats out of your yard