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June 22, 2022 3 min read

How to effectively use a deer repellent for the best results? A deer repellent is an ideal product that contains substances thought to protect plants from foraging deer through fear, pain, taste, or conditioned avoidance. Deer repellents typically combine scent and taste to trigger an instinctual reaction to look for food elsewhere. However, choosing the best deer repellent is a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best deer repellent for your home.

Contact versus area repellent

Deer repellents are typically divided into area repellents and contact repellents. Area repellents offer protection through an invisible chemical (odor) barrier around the plants you wish to protect. Most liquid deer repellents are area repellents. Contact repellents discourage deer from foraging on particular plants through their foul taste or by causing pain to the deer. Granular deer repellents fall within this category, although some liquid deer repellents work as both contact and area repellents. Your choice of deer repellent would depend on your preferred mode of application, the size of the area you need to apply, and the season. Liquid repellents are commonly used for large areas while granular deer repellents work better as perimeter barriers or barriers around vulnerable patches of your garden.

Choose commercial over homemade

It’s quite easy to mix some substances you find around the house to make a repulsive mixture that deer would dislike. However, many such substances cannot be used on edible plants and would require too many re-applications. That said, some homemade substances are toxic to you, pets, and the environment and shouldn’t be used as a repellent. In contrast, commercial deer repellent sprays are carefully prepared to offer protection against deer by combing numerous deer repelling scents. Although they also require re-application, they last longer and are more effective. Plus, they come in convenient spray bottles and granules (pellets) for easy application.

Your locality matters

The effectiveness of your deer repellent would depend on how the deer in your area respond to the different deer repellent smells. For instance, a 2013 study in Pennsylvania found that deer in the locality at the time were better repelled by putrescent eggs than coyote urine, which is surprising as coyote urine is considered more effective in other regions. In reality, the coyote urine seemed to fascinate the deer in the research period because they had not learned to fear coyotes. Fortunately, a good commercial deer repellent combines numerous smells, which helps reduce your experimentation. That way you can go on to enjoy an impressive odor barrier against deer.

Consider physical deterrents

It’s highly important to switch your deer repellents from time to time to prevent deer from becoming accustomed to them. Nevertheless, no deer repellent spray offers complete protection against deer. Hence, you should also combine your chosen deer repellent spray with physical deterrent items to improve results. Deer netting sheets and tree bags are another effective deer control method. Deer netting is lightweight and easy to install/takedown. You can use shrub or tree netting all around the year to protect young trees and shrubs from roaming deer. They are especially beneficial during the winter months and the planting season.

Invest in a powerful and humane deer repellent spray to protect your outdoor space

Stop deer from causing undue damage to your property by investing in a powerful deer repellent like Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent. Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent is made from a combination of numerous natural ingredients and is safe for use around people, plants, and pets.

How to effectively use a deer repellent for the best results

Available in both granules and liquid forms, Nature’s Mace can be applied to your lawns, patio, garden, yard, and other areas. Choose Nature’s Mace today and take back control of your outdoor space from unwanted invaders.

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