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February 17, 2022 2 min read

How do you choose the best deer repellent product that offers effectiveness, convenience and safety in one fell swoop? In this article, we talk about deer repellent products to help you make the best choice for your garden.

For every gardener, it’s an awful sight dealing with deer in your garden. From the headless stems, the permanently wounded trees to the trampled plants, you wouldn’t want deer anywhere near your hard work. But then, no repellent can offer 100 percent protection against deer. Yet, it’s important to choose the best solutions that offer a higher level of effectiveness than others. Let’s talk about each deer repellent category to uncover its benefits and drawbacks.

1.DIY deer repellent recipes

You may have heard about using garlic, hot sauce, soap bars, human hair or human urine to deter deer. These noncommercial repellents claim to work by mimicking scents that they find uncomfortable or predatory. These repellents are worth trying but they are generally less effective. First, they wouldn’t even work if you live in an area with a high deer population. There’s a good chance that the deer you find there already understand these strategies. Again, they might work for a few days, but that’s it. Soon deer overcome their initial reluctance and will return to trampling on your precious plants.

2.Commercial deer repellent

Commercial deer repellent also takes advantage of smells and scents that discourage deer from a location. But they work better than noncommercial repellents as they are usually a combination of different smells and can last longer. Commercial deer repellents are especially suitable for deterring deer when you have young and tender shoots and trees to worry about. We still recommend alternating between two different commercial repellent formulas to prevent deer from getting accustomed to their smell and scent.

3.Physical barriers

Where there’s heavy deer pressure, it’s often best to choose a carefully installed fence of about 10 inches. You can however choose your preferred fencing material such as a wooden fence, electric fence or one made from chicken wire mesh. No matter the choice, ensure the fence is strongly secured to the ground and high enough.

Overall, the effectiveness of any deer repellent depends on many factors including the abundance of forbs or grasses in the growing season and the unavailability of food in the winter months, snow cover, number of deer browsing among others. Hence, a practical approach to preventing deer damage is by combining different deer deterrent strategies to achieve a robust and solid defense against deer damage. This approach helps you enjoy the best of each deer deterrent method while minimizing their flaws.

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Nature’s MACE deer repellent sprays and granules are highly effective must-haves in your fight against deer. Made from non-toxic, naturally formulated organic ingredients, these solutions can help discourage deer from visiting your gardens. They are also safe for use around pets, and kids and will not harm the environment. However, you can expect your repellent solution to begin working immediately after application to help you create a solid barrier against these unwanted critters.

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