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January 31, 2022 4 min read

What is the most effective deer repellent? Can deer repellents help you get rid of deer permanently? These questions and more will be answered in this guide.

Deer may seem like fine and majestic creatures at first sight, but the undue damage they leave behind in our lawns and gardens is a heartbreaking sight. These animals are known for their voracious appetite, and what they don’t eat may be trampled upon by their feet. Therefore, to avoid deer destroying all your hard work, you may consider implementing deer deterrent measures to keep them out of your yard. One of such measures you might consider is the use of deer repellents.

How do deer repellents work?

Many deer repellents work by releasing an irritant that discourages the deer from the area. Chemical repellents primarily work by emitting an odor or taste that deer find unpleasant.

Some repellents also include ingredients that may induce fear in the deer. For instance, coyote urine has been known to make deer believe there is a predator on site. So, when you cover your garden or lawn with a deer repellent, it releases chemicals by taste or odor that would scare them away.

How to choose the best deer repellent

However, all deer repellents are not created equally, and they all come in different forms. This is why there are factors you must consider when choosing your ideal deer repellent.

1. Toxicity

Ensure to choose a repellent that will not harm the animals, only repel them away. Toxic chemicals not only kill these animals but are also a risk to children and pets in the vicinity. Again, several counties have laws against the use of such toxic substances to deter deer damage. Aside from that, toxic chemicals can also damage your plants and environment.

However, we recommend that you always apply your repellents on a small patch to test run as some plants may be too sensitive to the formula you choose.

2. Natural ingredients

Nature has made it possible to enjoy natural deer deterrents. However, you should always select a professional deer repellent over homemade repellents, as these products are specially formulated with a higher concentration of different ingredients to maximize their impacts. Still, you want to ensure that the repellents you choose contain only natural and non-toxic ingredients. That way, you can protect your plants without any unpleasantness.

3. Retention

No matter how effective your repellents are at first, their strength tends to diminish after a heavy downpour. Therefore, you should choose a waterproof formula that offers a more prolonged effect. But do bear in mind that you might still re-apply your repellent more frequently during the rainy season and winter months. We also recommend that you start as early as possible when using repellents to prevent deer from establishing the habit of visiting your property.

4. Form and application

Commercially formulated deer repellents like Nature MACE have one of the biggest advantages in simplicity. Nature MACE deer repellents are easy to use, and you will also find recommendations on your product for proper usage. However, you may choose between two chemical repellent forms; sprays or granular deer repellent.

  • Spray-on or liquid repellents usually combine taste and odor to deter deer. As the name implies, you apply by sprinkling. Spray or liquid deer repellents are fast-acting and excellent for protecting an extensive area. However, It’s often best to spray your plants when they are dry, which should be before watering, irrigating, or rainfall.
  • Deer repellents in the form of granules or concentrates also work by sprinkling around the plant. However, in this case, they work more slowly and will last twice as long. They are great for creating protective barriers in targeted areas around your property. Granules and concentrates are rain and snow resistant and will not wash off too quickly.

Don’t forget other deer deterrent methods.

Deer can be very persistent and aggressive. This is why you need to consider multiple strategies to completely deer-proof your property. While chemical repellents should be your first line of defense against these unwanted critters, you also want to install other deterrents. Here are common effective mechanical deterrents you might consider;

  • Installing a wall or fence around your property (usually about 10 feet high)
  • Use mesh deer netting on specific and vulnerable parts of your garden.
  • Using raised garden beds
  • Plant deer-resistant plant varieties. However, deer may sometimes eat these undesirable food sources if they cannot find their favorites.

You can also consider using scare tactics such as motion-sensing sprinklers and bright lights. But these repellents only provide temporary effects.

Why trust Nature MACE?

Repelling deer from your garden and lawn is no easy feat. Fortunately, some repellents can offer robust protection against these unwanted visitors.

Nature MACE is a renowned brand known for its exclusive line of Eco-friendly animal repellents. You will especially love our deer repellents that combine the powers of taste and odor to stop deer from damaging your lawn. You can choose between our organic and all-natural spray-on, concentrates, and granules to protect your lawn from deer and rabbits. Our products are also non-toxic to you, your pets, and the environment.

How to determine the most effective deer repellent

Beyond that, your Nature MACE deer repellent is a waterproof formula that provides long-lasting effects after the first spray. So, it works great for all seasons, spring, summer, and winter. The repellent aroma and taste will ensure that deer do not come close to your garden. Choose Nature MACE deer repellent and keep hungry deer away from your gardens, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and have a well-deserved peace of mind.


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