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How we got started

Nature's MACE story

My name is Brad, the co-founder of Nature’s MACE. I previously worked in the biochemical industry developing and selling products that worked 95-100 percent of the time. I passionately sold through a sound belief in the quality and success rates of my products. However, after great adversity, including the loss of a loved one, I sold my stake in the company and started looking for a new venture.

After creating a successful bug repellent, I realized the importance of creating products that actually worked in an industry where so few did. It was here where Nature’s MACE was formed, in an attempt to create stronger and more effective all-natural solutions. I also realized, as a proud veteran, that harmful chemical-based products were becoming an increasingly large concern in America that needed to be addressed with alternative options. We started this journey with a father-son partnership back in 2014, growing out of our homes two-car garage. There was little to no money as I drove a truck to provide for my family, and my son Nicholas was just graduating high school.

Through an entrepreneurial drive, my son and I honed skills in designing formulas, making machinery, website creation, graphic design, and overall manufacturing. Since our days in the garage Nature’s MACE has grown, and today we have an amazing team of hardworking individuals, we call family. We are family owned and operated in our home state of Pennsylvania, with over 30 years of experience. 

Nature's MACE was founded on this core idea of creating natural products that are value driven and actually work. We are driven through a desire to help people and make an impact through our products. To this day, our mission remains focused on establishing that sound belief through exceptional products that satisfy our customers.

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