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April 10, 2023 3 min read

In this article we will discuss how to keep deer away from trees. It is important to keep deer away from trees because they can wreak havoc on them. Deer are known for rubbing their antlers against the base of the trees. Often they do this to show their territories and intimidate other bucks. Their tendency to rub against trees will also intensify when they shed their antlers in winter. The result is an injury that might lead to the death of the tree. You can quickly tell deer have damaged a tree. Usually, you’ll find roughly cut leaves, scrapes on the tree trunk, and piles of black deer droppings. Because deer reach up to six feet, you‘ll also find these marks going as high as that. We have put together the most effective strategies for protecting your trees from deer to keep deer away. Click for deer repellent product information...

1.  Cultivate strong-smelling shrubs and plants around your trees

Employ strong scents from plants and shrubs like lavender, catmint, boxwood, sage, rosemary, and many more. The downside to this method is that it takes time to establish. Again, there’s every chance deer may also decide to feast on the plants when there’s no other food source.

2.  Add levels to your garden

You can design levels or terraces to discourage deer from entering your property. Like most hooved animals, deer would not try coming into your garden, if they find the ground unstable. So those inclines and climbing stairs will deter them.

3.  Use tree guards or wraps

These are items that can help stop deer from rubbing against your trees. You can make them on your own by using deer netting or PVC pipes or purchase tree guards at your local gardens. The downside to this method is that it can make your yard unappealing to the eyes.

4.  Fencing solution

A good fence will keep deer away from entering your garden. Make sure it is over 8 feet so they won’t attempt jumping over them. Electric fencing is one of the best options. But you must check your local zoning laws before installing one.

5.  Use fishing line

Finishing lines are transparent and won’t spoil the aesthetics of your property. You need to secure the fishing line around your trees with stakes. The right height should be about 2 or 3 feet from the ground. A stretch fishing line is also the most suitable. Once installed, deer trying to navigate around the trees may run into the line and become confused.

6.  Use commercial sprays

Commercial sprays are one of the best ways to stop deer from having their way with your trees and gardens. This convenient solution combines odor and taste deterrents and will prevent them from the first application. Just ensure you are choosing an organic and non-toxic commercial deer deterrent. Also, make sure to follow the package directions for the latter to maximize results.

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