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January 03, 2023 3 min read

There are tons of homemade remedies for deterring deer. But only a few work against these intelligent animals known for their destructive nature. Deer can eat almost anything and adapt to the worst situations, making it harder to stop them from entering your home and garden. Deer also have a strong sense of smell, so you should consider using that to your advantage by employing scent-based deer repellents. One possible home remedy is coffee grounds. Click for more deer repellent information…

How coffee grounds can deter deer

There is, off-course, no scientific evidence on the effects of using coffee grounds to deter deer. But many have achieved many positive results from using coffee grounds to repel deer. This is most likely due to the strange, intense, uncomfortable smell that coffee grounds release. Spent coffee grounds also have an extremely bitter taste and will further discourage deer from trying to munch on your garden plants.

Ways to use coffee grounds

That said, the type of spent coffee grounds matters. It’s much better to use grounds from hot coffee, which would likely have a more bitter taste (and overpowering scent) than grounds from a cold brew. You might need a week’s worth of spent coffee grounds to apply around your garden. But you shouldn’t store the grounds for too long as they might develop mold, harming your plants.

Every few days, spread the coffee grounds around plants and trees. You may also use it as mulch. However, you shouldn’t spread the coffee grounds directly on your plants. Again, since the scent of coffee fades after some days, you need to replace the grounds every other day to maintain its effects.

Other benefits of using coffee grounds in your garden

Aside from the possibility of deterring deer with coffee grounds, the acidic nature of coffee grounds can help balance the soil pH. Coffee ground is also excellent for your earthworms, which in turn are great for the soil in your garden. Plus, coffee grounds may repel other unwanted animals and insects like cats, dogs, ants, slugs, snails, and rabbits.

Other techniques for deterring deer

That said, you should realize that coffee grounds alone won’t be enough to keep deer from trying to take over your home and garden. You also need to employ other strategies to increase the possibility of getting the best results.

For example, you should try cultivating plants that deer don’t like to eat. You may also consider installing a fence around your property or erecting individual barriers, row covers, and tree guards for the most sensitive plants and trees. Don’t also forget the benefits of using deer repellents.

Are coffee grounds good for deterring deer

Like coffee grounds, the right deer repellent will keep deer off your property for good. In truth, you should consider alternating between the scents of your coffee grounds and a good deer repellent like Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit repellent to keep them guessing. Nature’s Mace deer & rabbit repellents are available in granules and sprays for all-year-round protection against deer. Nature’s Mace deer & rabbit repellent does not wash out too frequently and will never harm you or your environment. Click to review deer repellent products…

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