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December 27, 2022 3 min read

If you are interested in methods that kill bed bugs fast, then this guide is for you. Bed bug infestation is one of the awful events any homeowner may face. Unfortunately, these tiny bugs are efficient blood suckers and can make their home in the most unlikely parts of your home. Here, we discuss the most effective methods that kill bed bugs fast. Click for product review and information…


Heat is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs. But this does not in any way mean turning up the heater. The heater would only release inconsistent temperatures that won’t get the job done. So instead, you need a steamer to treat all corners of your home for these annoying bugs.

Hot water

Hot water is another effective technique for dealing with bed bugs, especially bugs attached to your bedding, mattress, and clothes. Bed bugs cannot survive temperatures over 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


While treating your home for bed bugs, you can install interceptors around your bed frame and couch legs to capture and retain bed bugs. Interceptors will help you keep these bugs from biting at night.

Use an encasement

An encasement will not kill bed bugs. But it is an important way to trap and suffocate bed bugs on the mattress. So, you need to purchase one that is labeled bite and escape proof and keep it on the mattress for over a year. Also realize that you need to keep the encasement on for a year or better because bed bugs can live in the right conditions without food for this long.

Insecticide dust

Insecticide dust is also a great way to kill bed bugs by drying them out quickly, but you need to be methodical about applying them. That said, insecticide dusts also pose a serious health concern because there’s a high possibility of accidentally inhaling the substance.


Even though vacuuming only manages to reduce bed bugs by 50%, the infestation may not be completely eradicated. All you need to do is use a vacuum cleaner with a strong filter and securely dispose of the bag after vacuuming.

Sticky pads

You can also try attaching sticky pads to the legs of your bed to help capture the bugs. This is an excellent method to keep them from biting you, but it can get messy.

Cold treatment

Cold treatment is also a great way to kill bed bugs. But it doesn’t mean turning off the heater and leaving open windows and doors. Such temperatures won’t be cool enough and consistent enough to kill bed bugs. Instead, you need to package clothes and objects in tightly secured bags and store them in the freezer for up to 30 days. This should help eliminate bed bugs.

Use a non-toxic bug spray.

Non-toxic sprays like Nature’s Mace bed bug killer are one of the best products that kill bed bugs fast.

9 Methods That Kill Bed Bugs Fast

This spray is super convenient and easy to apply. You can also use Nature’s Mace bed bug killer on all surfaces around your home, including hard-to-reach areas. Get Nature’s Mace bed bug killer, and you can eliminate that infestation in no time. Click for more product information…

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