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February 27, 2018 2 min read

Can you kill bedbugs with cold water?

Bed bug infestation is the certainly something no one would ever want to experience. It carries with it a ton of misery, and dealing with infestation problem cost an incredible deal of time and money.

Many people wonder if cold water can kill off bedbugs. If at all it can, will using cold water to treat bed bug infestation be effective? The truth is, bedbugs can be killed with cold water, but you must get the technique right for this to work.

Treating Bedbug infestation with cold water

Winning the fight against bedbugs will require you combining many different treatment technique, including cold water treatment.

Cold water treatment basically involves three steps as listed below:

  • Getting the right quantity of water. The right quantity of water is dependent on the kind and number of materials to be treated. While any type of container will serve, it’s recommended you use a bathtub. Using a bathtub makes it easy to discard the used water after the treatment process has been completed. Once done with this, move unto the next step: freezing
  • Freezing the water. Unless you have maybe a cold room, you will have to look for some ingenious ways to bring down the temperature of the water. The easiest way to go about this is by adding ice blocks to the water. Keeping adding the ice until the temperature of the water falls below 30 degree Fahrenheit. That way, the chances of a bug surviving falls to almost zero.
  • Place the infected clothing in the cold water and allow to stand for some time. Bedbugs are stubborn, and you have to be stubborn in your approach to kill them off. Putting them in cold water for 1 hour won’t cut it – 4 hours should be the least exposure time.

Okay the technique discussed above can work well for clothes. How can an infested couch, bed and items just too large to be placed water be treated? Well, there are basically two ways to go about that.

  • Placing the items outside during winter: Find a clean place with little moisture and place the item. The longer the exposure to the cold of the winter the better. If possible leave the item outside for days and measure with a temperature. Average daily temperature reading should range between 30 and 35 degree Fahrenheit, the ultimate goal is total extermination.
  • Turn on the A/C: There is a good chance that you have never known winter all your life. Not to worry, hope isn’t lost yet. Freeze the annoying critters to death by turning on the A/C. The trick is to turn on the A/C when everybody is away. This technique may not kill off all the bugs, but it will at least halt the growth of baby bugs still in egg form.

So, there you have it; steps to freezing to death stubborn bedbugs. Do bear in mind, however, that you might still be disappointed at the end of it all.

Can you kill bedbugs with cold water

If cold does not work, bring in the killer spray. Nature Mace’s Bed Bug killer is your best bet here.