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February 26, 2018 2 min read

Can Bed bugs live on pets?

A good number of individuals and households keep pet animals on different reasons. “Companion” animals as some people call them points to the very fact that some people keep them for companionship. Apart from keeping its owner company, pets can be used to serve other purposes which include entertainment, security, source of income and in some cases they could serve as a combination of any of the aforementioned. The choice of the pet animal is dependent on the discretion of the owner. So, different people keep animals like cats, dogs which are the most common and others animals like rabbit, rats, parrots and a host of others.

Do Bed bug feeding affect pets?

While pets can be affected by Bedbugs and even be bitten by them, they are never the primary target of the common Bedbug. The main target of Bedbugs are usually humans. Bedbugs feed mostly on human blood. Pets come into the picture of the nutrition of Bedbugs when humans are not available to meet their feeding desire. It is worthy of note that whatsoever be the case, whenever the source of blood is far from reach. Bedbugs have been estimated to survive without active feeding for a period of about one year. The attraction to humans is possible for Bedbugs because of their affinity and ability to sense exhaled carbon dioxide from humans within a given space. This sensation is achievable because of possession of a special infrared sensors by the Bedbugs which makes them detect humans within a range of about a hundred feet radius.

Pets in a Bed bug infested environment

As mentioned earlier, pets can only become victims of Bedbug attack when man is not available. But on the event of unavailability of man the pets supply the Bedbugs their food. Good enough, studies have proven that till this moment, there are no transfer of disease as a result of the bite. In an environment infested by Bedbugs, when the primary target is not around, the pet could pick up Bedbugs from the different niches which they usually hid themselves. It is from this refuge that they proceed to access their food when the host is calm, this takes place mostly at night.

Dealing withBed bug infestation

The most effective way of preventing the attack of Bedbugs on your pets is eradicating their activities in your environment. Environments conducive for the grooming of pets void of Bedbugs, even after Bedbug infestation is gotten by sanitation and pest control treatment.

Can Bed bugs live on pets

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