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January 04, 2023 3 min read

You may be in the market for the fastest way to eradicate bed bugs if you find one of those bloodsuckers in your home. Bed bugs are pesky parasites that feed on human blood, leaving annoying itchy, and infection-prone bites behind. Finding one of these bugs in your home might mean you have more lurking around. Dealing with the infestation is a timing game, so you need to leverage the best solutions to eliminate them from your home. If you are interested in DIY bed bug treatments, one popular method may be using acetone to eradicate bed bugs. Click for more bed bug product information…

Can acetone eradicate bed bugs?

Acetone is a popular chemical for removing nail polish. It has also been recently rumored to be able to remove bed bugs. In reality, acetone can kill bed bugs – but only through contact! When you pour acetone on the pest, it quickly dries the pest’s body and kills it. The bigger problem is that you may have a hard time encouraging those pesky bugs to come out of hiding so you can pour the solution over them. Plus, acetone cannot kill bed bug eggs or stop the infestation from spreading. Besides, if you have to kill bed bugs at strategic locations in your home, you must use a large quantity of acetone.

But then, you should also not forget that acetone is highly flammable, so spreading that substance around your home in a bid to catch bed bugs can place you at fire risk.

The most effective way to eliminate bed buginfestation.

A better way to deal with bed bugs is a combination of effective techniques repeatedly applied to your home. Some of the best treatments you should combine include:

Vacuuming:Vacuuming with a powerful vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can help cut down the bed bug infestation by half.

Steamer: A portable steamer can be used to treat couches, cars, baseboards, bed frames, and other sections of your home. Heat will kill bed bugs in all of its stages, thereby helping you minimize the population of bed bugs in a short time.

Contact spray:A bed bug contact spray is your first line of defense against bed bugs. When applied correctly, this spray can help reduce the population of bed bugs in your home. By combining it with other deterrents, you might be able to eliminate those bed bugs from your home after a few treatments.

Washing and drying: Stacked piles of clothes may provide excellent enclosures for bed bugs to hide. This is why a crucial part of your bed bug treatment must include treating your clothes. Hence, you must steam clothes or wash them at the highest possible temperature.

Start eradicating bed bugs with Nature’s Mace Bed bug killer.

Nature’s Mace Bed bug killer is a powerful, non-toxic, and biodegradable solution against bed bugs. This product is effective at all stages of their lifecycle. This potent formula works quickly, killing bed bugs on contact, and can be applied confidently on any surface or location.

Can acetone eradicate bed bugs

With Nature’s Mace bed bug killer, you don’t have to use harsh chemicals. Users will noticeable positive results within days of application. Try Nature’s Mace Bed bug killer today and eliminate bed bugs from your home for good. Click for more product information…

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