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June 23, 2022 2 min read

What is an animal deterrent spray made of?

What is an animal deterrent spray made of? Should you use an animal deterrent spray in your gardens, lawn, and outdoor spaces? Nothing is more awful than finding that the lush green yard or garden has been invaded by animal critters such as deer, rabbits, and many more. Depending on the animal critter, they would often plow down plants, create unsightly burns with their urine, and transform your yard into a litter box among others. Therefore, it’s important to invest in animal deterrents that can keep these critters away. One such product you might consider is an animal deterrent spray.

How do deterrent spray work?

An animal repellent spray is a substance that often repels animals using taste and odor barriers. They are usually available in convenient ready-to-use bottles. So that all you have to do is shake the bottle vigorously and apply it around your property. Some animal deterrent sprays are also available as concentrates which is basically a spray but in a more concentrated form and would require mixing with water before transferring to a spray bottle for sprinkling around your space.

Once applied, they release strong and unpleasant smells that the target animals don’t like. This might be the scent of a predator or other scents they find unbearable. When a target animal critter touches, tastes, or smells an animal deterrent product, it triggers their instinct to keep off.

What are animal deterrent sprays made of?

To choose the right repellent, you need to consider the target animal, how long a single application would last, and whether it’s a toxic or non-toxic choice. But then the first thing you must consider is the ingredients in such a spray. That said, it’s important to choose only natural and non-toxic smells that won’t harm you, your pets, or the environment. Some such humane ingredients you should always choose over others include:

  • Citronella
  • Putrescent egg
  • Capsaicin

Are animal deterrent sprays effective?

Humane animal deterrent sprays are highly effective. They help you deal with the problem with a great deal of success even though you might have to re-apply the deterrent regularly. However, the best way to completely repel animal critters from your home and outdoors is by using multiple deterrents such as combining your animal deterrent spray with a physical barrier.

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