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April 18, 2023 2 min read

Are you interested in the right pet repellent solution to stop your pet from taking over your home? Whether you have feline or furry friends, giving them free rein over your furniture, floors, kitchen counters, and the entire house may not be ideal. Your pets can track poop, and urine, which can introduce tons of pathogens to your home. Fortunately, there are great solutions to keep your pets safe while stopping them from taking over your home. Click for more pet repellent ideas...

Scat mats

Scat mats are a great repellent solution that can be used indoors and outdoors. These repellents have prickly surfaces that your pets won’t want to get their paws on. Some scat mats also have batteries and give out electrostatic pulses that pets won’t like. These scat mats will also track how often your pet attempts to walk on the mat.

Aluminum foil

You can try lining large sheets of aluminum foil on your couch and counters. This solution isn’t attractive, but it can be effective against some animals, especially cats. If you don’t have aluminum foil, you can also try aluminum cans or foil-lined baking trays.

Homemade repellent sprays

Repellent sprays deter pets by emitting strong odors they don’t like. Common ingredients include white vinegar, garlic and chili spray, apple cider vinegar, ammonia, and citrus extracts. That said, always make sure that these substances won’t be toxic to your pet. For example, ammonia should never be used as a dog repellent. Ammonia can irritate the nostrils of your furry friends and even cause damage to their stomachs and throats if consumed. Again, patch test before spraying across furniture, as some homemade solutions may stain fabrics.

Pet repellent ideas for your home and furniture

Essential oils

Most pets have a heightened sense of smell which is why they mostly detest aromatic substances like essential oils. Hence, it is possible to use drops of essential oils to keep pets away. A good strategy is to add essential oils to an open plastic bag and place it around your couch or cushion. Still, essential oils may be toxic to your pets. Hence, you should always check with your vet before using such substances as repellents.

Ultrasonic sounds

Ultrasonic products emit sounds that humans can’t hear but can be heard by pets. These sounds are set to cause some discomfort when emitted and may cause them to avoid the area. The jury is still out on ultrasonic sounds. Some have inconclusive results, while others may cause anxiety and distress.

Get Nature’s Mace Pet Repellents

There are many kinds of pet repellent products out there. But you should always make safety a priority. This is why you need repellent solutions made from non-toxic ingredients that would neither harm your animal friends nor you or your environment. Nature’s Mace brand of innovative plant-based pet repellent solutions is the ultimate choice. Available in pellets, ready-to-use sprays, and concentrates, Nature’s Mace is a fast-acting solution for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Choose any of Nature’s Mace pet repellent solutions and gain back control of your personal space. 

Pet repellent ideas for your home and furniture