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May 01, 2023 3 min read

Have you ever wondered about how to use blood rabbit repellent for your gardens? Here we talk about the techniques to correctly use it alongside precautions you must take to improve results. Click for more snake repellent information...

A blood rabbit repellent is simply using blood meal to repel rabbits. There's no special blood meal for rabbits or other critters - unless you are purchasing a rabbit repellent mix, which may contain blood meal, alongside other targeted ingredients to trigger flight into these particular critters.

Generally, blood meal is simply blood salvaged from cattle or pig slaughterhouses and then dried and transformed into a powdered form. Blood meal repels rabbits through its pungent smell and taste. As an added bonus, blood meal also works as a great fertilizer and can help improve the nitrogen levels in your garden soil.

Steps to using blood rabbit repellent

There are many ways you can apply blood meal repellent to keep rabbits away from your garden. The simplest, technique is to sprinkle the blood meal in a thin line around the perimeter of your garden. so this creates a pungent odor barrier that equally acts as physical deterrence against rabbits.

That said, blood meal may also cause burns to the soil when applied too much, or too frequently. So you could consider other methods of application. 

The container method also stands out. In this case, you will need to fill small containers with powdered substances and place them near plants to repel rabbits. This method, however, isn't a great "wall". It works best when used to repel rabbits from individual plants and trees.

Another way to use blood meal rabbit repellent involves mixing in equal parts of water to dilute the nitrogen effect while maintaining the pungent odor. Then, apply sporadically across your plants. You shouldn’t sprinkle too much on the leaves of the plants in your garden, though, as it might still burn them.

You can also consider making a solution of blood meal, tabasco sauce (or habanero pepper), and water to create an even more remarkable solution to keep rabbits away. The sting of the pepper will especially come in handy if the rabbits should try overlooking the odor barrier to try and get a taste of your garden.

As with every other rabbit repellent, be cautious

Blood meal is a great rabbit deterrent. But it’s also high in element nitrogen which is quite easy to apply too much. While deterring rabbits, you may have to apply the blood meal more frequently which might lead to problems. A good rule of thumb is alternating with another rabbit repellent solution so you won't have too much of the blood meal in your garden. Don’t also forget to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid using too great a quantity of blood meal.

When all else fails 

Nature’s Mace rabbit and deer repellent is a powerful formulation made from plant-derived substances and other non-toxic ingredients to help you keep rabbits away from your property. You’ll find that, Nature’s Mace rabbit and deer repellent combines blood, odor and taste to discourage these pesky critters. Available in concentrates, sprays, and granules, Nature’s Mace rabbit and deer repellent is suitable for an all-season long application, giving you a robust barrier to keep them out for good.

Blood rabbit repellent for gardens