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March 05, 2019 1 min read

Rabbit Mace Natural Recipe for Repelling Rabbits

Here is my review of the best rabbit repellent for keeping wild animals out of your yard. This product is natural and safe for humans, pets and the environment.

In my opinion, the best deterrent for getting rid of rabbit all together is to use something that will scare them.

Most of the popular products on the market that repel rabbits by smell are either predator urine or blood scents.

However, in my research, I found a study done by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. They studied 22 earlier tests of rabbit repellents.

They concluded that egg-based repellents work much better than predator urine or blood scent products.

There are a lot of scent based solutions on the market for repelling rabbits and they are not always clear about which ingredients they use .

I did a lot of research and I spent a lot of time reading forums.

I had the opportunity to exchange emails with an animal control expert and I read every single customer review that I could find.

I found a very good egg-based repellent that I ended up purchasing myself called: “Rabbit Mace”.

Without a doubt, it has more positive reviews than any other product on the market. That is everything you need to know about repelling rabbits.


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