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March 07, 2019 2 min read

There are three different ways to repel rabbits away from your property. You can build a fence, you can scare them away, or you can use something that smells offensive to them. When practical, a fence can be a great rabbit repellent for your backyard or garden.

However, the fence would need to be 6 to 8 foot high and surround the entire area that you wish to protect. A project like this comes with an excessive cost, labor, and poor aesthetics. In my opinion, the best deterrent for getting rid of rabbit altogether is to use something that will scare them. And hands-down, the best product for that is the Rabbit Mace.

I bought one of these last years for an animal problem that I was having. So I was able to test it and it works great. It covers a 1,000 square foot area, day and night, and any animal that comes into that range receives a burst of water and is sent scattering away.

Again, in my opinion, this is the best rabbit deterrent. They’re not that expensive. They work really well. You can get more information about the product and you can see what other consumers are saying about it. Hands-down, it has more positive ratings than any other product on the market.

Most of the popular products on the market that repel rabbit by smell are either predator urines or blood-based. However, in my research, I found a study done by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

They studied 22 earlier tests of rabbit repellents and then they conducted their own two extensive tests. As far as I know, this is the most thorough and extensive testing of any rabbit repellents ever conducted. So, they concluded that egg-based repellents work a lot better than predator urines or blood-based products. So there are a ton of scent-based products on the market that repel rabbit and they’re not always clear about what ingredients they use.

So I did a ton of research. I spent a lot of time reading forums. Um, I actually had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with an animal control expert. And I read all the customer reviews I could find. And I found a really good egg-based product that I ended up purchasing myself.

Best Rabbit Repellent for Getting Rid Of Rabbit Naturally

Whether you choose that or the rabbit mace, you’re going to be in great shape either way. They both work really well and you’ll be able to see that once you get over there and you see what other customers are saying about them.